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Semester Study Abroad Application Process

Ready to start planning for study abroad?

Great! The first thing you'll need to do is attend a required group advising session.

Group Advising takes place on most Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30pm. No need to sign up, just show up! Please note that the advising schedule is subject to change, therefore please check the Events section of our website, or check with International Education during walk-in hours for the most up-to-date advising schedule.

Deadlines and Application Procedures

Please note that you must submit all required application materials accurately by the appropriate MICA deadline and meet the criteria for study abroad or your application will not be considered. You can apply for one program and participate in study abroad for one semester. You must apply to a MICA program. Please make your choice carefully and be sure to plan financially for study abroad or domestic exchange.

There is no guarantee that MICA can or will approve your application. Some programs have limited space and/or can be competitive. All decisions will be made by the review committee within 3 to 4 weeks after the deadline. If approved by MICA, MICA will send your application to the host institution or exchange partner and they will make the final decision. If MICA approves your application, you may have additional paperwork and/or application materials to complete.

Please be aware that MICA has no control over the duration of a host institution's acceptance process. Many reach decisions within several weeks or a month; however, others, particularly direct exchange programs, may take longer. Please do not contact the school.


September 15

All spring semester study abroad and AICAD mobility programs.

March 1

All fall semester study abroad and AICAD mobility programs

May 7

  • All non-MICA study abroad programs and summer credits completed outwith the United States.  (MICA summer travel intensives and deadlines can be found here)

  • You may obtain a copy of the application from International Education after first completing group advising.


All application materials must be turned in to International Education by the deadline or your application will not be considered. The online application system will close at 11:59pm on the date of the deadline.

Please submit all application materials to International Education and do not contact the host institution or program during the application process (you may contact them once you have been officially accepted by your host institution or program). Please contact International Education with all of your questions. We are more than happy to help you!

Your host institution will notify you and/or the Office of International Education of the admissions decision. Then, you will confirm your plans with our office and attend pre-departure orientation. At this point, you will be in direct communication with your host program or school and will work with them on things like housing, visas, courses, and arrival information.

Students must participate in MICA affiliated semester programs. Students who do not receive approval through MICA for semester study abroad and/or who take a leave of absence will not receive credit at MICA for courses taken abroad during that leave, even if it is a MICA affiliated program. This includes international students who return to their home country and take classes at an institution there.

All outgoing study abroad students will attend a pre-departure workshop to discuss critical information. Students will also have secondary paperwork to turn in, such as Health Forms and Waivers. Pre-departure orientation is required for all study abroad participants. Also, please read the pre-departure information on this website for additional assistance in planning your semester abroad.

This page was last updated on 07/19/2016.