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Graduate On-Campus Employment

MICA offers a wide variety of on-campus employment opportunities. Depending on student skills and interest, a graduate student can find work as a Graduate Program Assistant, Sound Technician in the Graduate Research Lab, or through a myriad of jobs in MICA's Operations.

Office of Exhibitions

Graduate Exhibition Assistants (GEA)

Graduate Exhibition Assistants attend training workshops in the fall semester in preparation to work alongside exhibition staff on a minimum of two art installations in campus galleries. Assistants will learn techniques for art-handling, moving, transportation, and packing and provide support for a variety of 2D, 3D, and technology based installations, as well as general gallery lighting.

In the Spring and Summer semester, assistants will provide onsite installation support for Graduate Exhibitions and MFA Thesis candidates.

A general knowledge of proper art handling techniques and safety, knowledge of technology based installations, as well as wall painting, preparation and tool skills desired. Only current graduate students are eligible to apply.

Gerald Ross
Director, Exhibitions

Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors work with the Environmental Health and Safety Director to identify health and safety hazards and uphold MICA guidelines in independent studio spaces.


  • The Studio Monitor will at times be required to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Studio Monitors must be available to work at least 10 hours per week. 

Samantha Brodowski
Environmental Health & Safety Technician

Fabrication Studios

Woodshop Student Technician

Supervise and assist students on the safe use of hand and power tools in the Fred Lazarus IV Center (FLIV) Woodshop; maintain inventory of tools and supplies; clean and inspect equipment and maintain a safe clean work environment.


  • Knowledge of wood shop tools, processes, and machinery
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse student population
  • Self motivated, punctual and reliable
  • Lead by example: follow and enforce shop safety procedures
  • Shifts usually include Weekday evenings 4:30-9:30 and Weekends 12 - 5.

Ann Walsh
Fabrication Studios Manager


Graduate Research Lab

Grad Lab Assistants

Qualified students should have expertise in one or more of the following fields:

  • Sound: the use of sound equipment; sound editing software and the ability to impart this information to students.
  • Video: the use of video equipment, video editing software and the ability to impart this information to students.
  • Printing: an understanding of color theory and management, an intermediate to expert level understanding of Photoshop and most importantly an attention to detail and an ability to help students problem solve issues with their prints and digital files.
  • Equipment: the ability to instruct students in the basic use of equipment and suggest alternate equipment if necessary or preferable.

Patrick Hunt, Coordinator
Graduate Research Lab

Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Program Assistants (GPA)

Graduate Program Assistants (GPAs) act as liaisons to promote dialogue, the exchange of information and timely communications between students, Graduate Program Directors and the Office of Graduate Studies. GPAs serve as student leaders and work collaboratively with each other, Program Directors, Graduate Studies, Graduate Admission and Student Affairs to facilitate efficient program operations. GPAs are required to uphold graduate policies, procedures and standards.

Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Teaching Internships

The goal of MICA's Graduate Internship Program is to provide our MFA candidates, as developing professionals, the opportunity to take on technical and pedagogical roles within our institution, and thereby to learn from real world experiences typical of teachers and leaders in contemporary academic communities.

Graduate Teaching Internships (GTI)

A graduate student in the role of GTI works in an undergraduate course under the supervision of the faculty member and, using the Possible Progression for a Graduate Teaching Internship, gains valuable teaching experience. Faculty act as mentors to GTIs, supporting graduate students in the development of professional practices necessary for college level instruction in visual art and design.

  • It is highly recommended that GTIs take the course, Philosophy and Pedagogy of Post-secondary Visual Arts Education. (For graduate students wishing to earn the Certificate in the College Teaching of Art, this course is required.)
  • As interns in the undergraduate courses, GTIs are expected to be present for every class meeting, and to collaborate with the mentoring instructor, working no more than an average of five hours per week.

Graduate Technical Assistant (GTA)

A graduate student in the role of GTA works as a technical advisor in instructional support settings. These graduate students do not plan or implement instruction of any kind.

  • As technical assistants, GTAs are expected to tutor students in the use and maintenance of tools and materials, working no more than an average of five hours per week.

Carolyn Case, Foundation
GTI Instructor/Coordinator

Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development

Graduate Career Advisor (GCA)

Graduate Career Advisors (GCA) are graduate students who provide pivotal services for the Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development. The position involves meeting 1-1 with graduate and undergraduate students, program planning, facilitating workshops, and attendance at some major events (e.g. Internship + Career Fair & Fine Art Reviews). GCA's will focus on their own Career Development project or program based on their interests. Examples might include gathering information from professors or peers in a certain art-related field, or planning a program/blog/workshop to share with the graduate community. GCA's are trained in the basics of Career Development topics that are frequently asked by students, and typically work 2-3 hours per week.

GCA's hold their position for one academic year. Students are compensated with a $500 stipend per semester. For more information please contact the Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development at 410-225-2420 or feel free to contact our current staff for further questions.

  • Qualifications: Graduate Student currently enrolled in a full-time degree program at MICA.  Interested in Career & Professional Development
  • How to Apply: Submit a resume & cover letter to careerdevelopment@mica.edu. Applications are reviewed each Spring semester for placement the following academic year.
  • View this listing on MICA Network

Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development

Office of Residence Life

Graduate Residential Advisor (GRA)

The Graduate Residential Advisor (GRA) is a member of the MICA Residence Life team. The GRA shares the responsibility for implementing the basic goals of the Office of Residence Life by promoting individual and community development.

The GRA is a graduate student who reports directly to the Residential Coordinator for Upperclassmen and Graduate Communities and works closely with the other Residential Advisors, Graduate Assistants, Residential Coordinators, and Director of Residence Life. The Graduate Residential Advisor role has several components. They are a peer counselor, advisor, policy enforcer, administrator and programmer focusing on the MICA residential graduate community which includes the Gateway, Mount Royal Apartments, and MICA PLACE apartments. This position includes free housing in the Mount Royal apartments, as well as a meal plan, and stipend.

Scott Stone, Director of Residence Life

Writing Studio

Writing Tutors

Writing Studio Tutors assist MICA graduate and undergraduate students with writing tasks, including research papers and artist statements. They also work closely with ESL students on conversational English as it applies to their coursework.

Prospective applicants can contact Mary Walsh-Reynolds with questions, but should apply for any available positions through the MICA HR web site.

Mary Walsh-Reynolds
Manager of the Writing Studio & Learning Resource Center

This page was last updated on 02/03/2017.