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Murjani Sowell

Alumna Murjani Sowell '13

MPS Business of Art & Design

Class of 2013

from: Baltimore, Maryland

It isn't a secret that most people aren't sure what their next step is, but Murjani Sowell '13 had a direction in mind. She'd found it during her public relations internship at the College. "I had to research the graduate programs [here] for an assignment, and the MPS in Business of Art & Design had caught my eye," she shared. While there was some apprehension, she also felt excitement about taking on the new endeavor. "I'd never taken online classes before, but I was attracted to the convenience of being able to study anywhere." Though exciting, the new climate took some getting used to. "I'm used to driving to a classroom and interacting with my classmates and teacher face-to-face, but the technical aspect wasn't too much of a challenge."

During the 14-month degree program, Murjani and her classmates had learnt about the intricacies about running a creative business, whether it had been running for years, or was just an idea that needed some molding. "The program helped me understand just what I want my business to be," she said. "At the beginning, I had so many ideas about various businesses. By graduation, my ideas had been focused and I'm taking some time to flush them out correctly."

Currently, Murjani divides her time between working as an Editorial Assistant in the Communications department at MICA, and as an Assistant Editor for a publishing company based in Irvine, California. "I love writing, publishing and acting, so my business will be centered around managing myself as a graphic novelist and actor." She plans to move to Los Angeles this fall to concentrate on writing and acting full-time.