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Requirements for the MFA in Studio Art:  Year 1 
Course TitleCourse #Credits
MFA Studio I FA5500 5
MFA Studio II FA5501 3
MFA Studio III FA5502 3
Professional Development I ED5522 1
Technology for Artists I ED5541 1
Critical Studies I AH5570 1
Critical Studies II AH5670 1
Critical Studies III AH6570 1
Requirements for the MFA in Studio Art: Year 2
Course TitleCourse #Credits
MFA Studio IV FA5600 5
MFA Studio V FA5601 3
MFA Studio VI FA5602 3
Professional Development I ED5524 1
Technology for Artists II ED5542 1
Critical Studies IV AH6670 1
Critical Studies V AH6680 1
Critical Studies VI AH6690 1
Requirements for the MFA in Studio Art: Year 3
Course TitleCourse #Credits
MFA Studio VII FA6500 5
MFA Studio VIII FA6501 3
MFA Studio IX FA6502 3
Professional Practice III ED6522 1
Technology for Artists III ED6541 1
Critical Studies VII AH6700 1
Critical Studies VIII AH6760 1
Critical Studies IX AH6770 1
Requirements for the MFA in Studio Art: Year 4
Course TitleCourse #Credits
MFA Studio X FA6600 5
MFA Thesis FA7000 4
Critical Studies X AH7000 3

This page was last updated on 06/26/2017.