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In Rinehart, individually assigned studios open onto a common work area for easy access to a complete wood and metal shop and to peer interaction so that the creative process may flourish and ideas take on shape and substance.

The director meets regularly with each student, usually for an hour. Group critiques take place throughout the year. Mid-term and final critiques are attended by a panel of experts often including the director, the critic-in-residence, a visiting artist or artist-in-residence, and a MICA research-services librarian.

Visiting artists and artists-in-residence conduct seminars, reinforce sustainable practices, assist in career development, and critique student work during regular studio visits. Program field trips take place every year, and faculty encourage student participation in exhibitions on campus, in Baltimore, and beyond.

In intensive reading seminars led by faculty, students devote the four semesters they are in the program to readings about: (1) artists' lives and careers, (2) relevant social, political, and cultural issues, (3) and topics related to students' practices and future careers. In writing workshops, students suggest their own assignments, from crafting short stories and poems to artist statements or grant proposals. Group discussion of this work is led by faculty. An important objective in Rinehart is synthesis of influence, ideas, opinion, expression, visual process, form, production, and presentation.

To complete the MFA, students take 48 credits in studio and at least 12 credits in liberal arts. Courses specifically designed for students from across MICA's graduate programs are offered each semester including courses open to all but tailored to English Language Learners.

The Wrong Place, Yuli Sung, Mixed Media, 2017

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