This MFA program gives students a platform to explore the reverberating social and artistic uses of optical and electronic media, and grounds artistic practice in a rigorous investigation of historical and critical contexts. In developing their own work, students follow two tracks: practical research directed on production and implementation of a body of artwork, and conceptual research which builds a solid critical and historical foundation for artistic practice.

Photographic & Electronic Media (MFA)

Christophe Katrib, Photographic & Electronic Media (MFA)

Alumna, Faculty Member Tells Stories of  Iraqi Refugees Through Photographs

Image by Gabriella Bulisova“A single refugee is a tragedy. Over four million refugees is a statistic,” said photography alumna and faculty member Gabriela Bulisova ’05. Bulisova has been documenting the struggle of Iraqis forced to flee their homes because of the violence resulting from the War in Iraq that began in 2003. For her photo documentary project, Guests: Iraqi Refugees in Syria, Bulisova traveled to Syria to photograph refugees who fled Iraq because of their political, religious, or ethnic affiliation.

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Photograph by Gabriella Bulisova '05.

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