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  1. Kyle Kogut '16

    Kyle Kogut '16

    After receiving his BFA from Tyler School of Art in 2012, Kyle decided to pursue his graduate degree at Mount Royal School of Art. He chose to attend Mount Royal because he wanted a true challenge towards his artistic practice."I feel like I had settled into a particular practice and way of making and wanted to break free from those preconceptions. I wanted to be surrounded by others that created in a way that was completely different than mine," Kyle states. "The thing I loved most about Mount Royal was the extremely diverse community as well as the commitment we have to each other and the program.

  2. Josh Sender '16

    Josh Sender '16

    Josh saw that creating work online was the next logical step in his practice as he realized his then current work of large scale wall drawings became less dependent on physicality. "I wanted to make digital art, but I didn't understand the implications of what I was making. I wanted to ground the work in theory through a multidisciplinary discourse. I knew that to develop this line of questioning, I needed a multidisciplinary program where I would be surrounded by a community of people challenging themselves in similar ways." After visiting Mount Royal, Josh realized the the program was definitely set up to help manifest his digital art aspirations. Josh was able to produce an incredible body of digital web based work of fabricated and manipulated websites and spaces.

  3. Eunjung Park '15

    Eunjung Park '15

    Eunjung “EJ” Park’s work explores the relationship between the displayed object (as a body or organic form) and its supportive structure (such as shelf or table). After finishing her BFA in Seoul, Korea at Kookmin University, she decided to expand her work beyond painting. “I was only focusing on painting at that time, but I really wanted to try and experiment with many kinds of mediums and genres.

  4. Rachel Guardiola '15

    Rachel Guardiola '15

    Rachel Guardiola is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in natural history preservation. Her practice investigates the intersection of art, science, and history of humanity's search for the unknown through lens-based technology. Rachel transferred from Parson's MFA Photography program to attend Mount Royal School of Art in 2013 because she wanted to be alongside and in conversation with artists working all mediums. "I am an interdisciplinary artist. Though my practice has a focus with a photographic dialogue, I work in a variety of media and actually have a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design," Rachel says. She saw Mount Royal as one of the few graduate art programs where students are encouraged to work in a variety of disciplines without institutional restrictions.

  5. Allana Clarke '14

    Allana Clarke '14

    Allana Clarke, is a conceptual artist working in video, sculpture, installation, and performance. Upon entering Mount Royal School of Art, Clarke's work was mostly focused on photography. She knew that she wanted to pursue an interdisciplinary arts education for her graduate studies, especially one that was outside of the market-driven atmosphere of New York City, where she grew up.

  6. Ben Andrew '13

    Ben Andrew '13

    I was a painting major as an undergraduate and had dabbled in installation and sound work. When I applied to Mount Royal I also applied to several painting-specific programs (including one at MICA), and it feels ridiculous now to to think where my work would be today if I had not had the freedom and variety of the Mount Royal School of Art.

  7. Jon Latiano '12

    Jon Latiano '12

    Jonathan Latiano graduated from the Mount Royal School of Interdisciplinary Art in 2012. His large, site-responsive, installation sculptures investigate concepts of time and our subjective perception of the past, present and future. The crux of Jonathan's artwork lies within the greyer notions of the physical world and our ability to abstractly place ourselves within it.

  8. Chelsea Ragan '12

    Chelsea Ragan '12

    Chelsea Ragan was born in South Georgia, and says that her accent is a constant reminder of the simple pleasures and hard times of growing up in the South. She grew up wanting for "the greener grass on the other side of the 'Mason Dixon Line'", but she got there, she noticed the soil on the south side had more room for growth.

  9. Joyce Yu-Jean Lee '10

    Joyce Yu-Jean Lee '10

    MICA alumni have long been pioneers in their crafts. Today, many are bridging the gap between fine art and technology, demonstrating the two fields have more in common than many people think.When Joyce Yu-Jean Lee ’10 (Mount Royal School of Art) came to MICA, she was happy with her work as an abstract oil painter. But the interdisciplinary nature of the program “gives you room to explore a lot of different media,” she said. In that spirit, she tried her hand at video.

  10. Graham Coreil-Allen '10

    Graham Coreil-Allen '10

    Graham Coreil-Allen '10 (Mount Royal School of Art) arrived at MICA after working as a project manager for an architectural hardware manufacturer. After graduating, he found a job that utilized all his experiences: serving as the operations manager for Charm City Cakes. His project management experience came in handy for running the day-to-day operations of the Baltimore bakery, which served as the setting for the Food Network reality show, Ace of Cakes, from 2006 through 2011. But his art background was just as important.

  11. David Ubias '09

    David Ubias '09

    I have always enjoyed drawing. Early on, my Mom would buy me those giant sketch pads from Walgreens to keep me occupied so I wouldn’t fight with my brother. Prior to graduate school, I was a studio assistant for artists Michael Jones McKean and Aaron Parazette. I have also worked with museum programs and gallery exhibitions at Blaffer Museum, Walters Art Museum, and Reginald F. Lewis Museum. My personal studio is currently located in the artist warehouse, Area 405, in Station North.

  12. Andrea Chung '08

    Andrea Chung '08

    Andrea Chung '08 was born in Newark, NJ 1978, and raised in Houston, Texas by West Indian parents. She received a BFA at Parsons School of Design in New York and her MFA at the Mount Royal School of Art at MICA.

  13. Jordan Faye Block '05

    Jordan Faye Block '05

    While Jordan Faye Block '05 was in the Mount Royal program from 2003 to 2005, she had an epiphany about many of her fellow artists. Some of her peers were not very comfortable with the marketing and promotion of their work. Block, on the other hand, enjoyed selling the talents of others and helping them to succeed, and in 2006, she decided to do so on a professional basis.

  14. Eric Dyer '04

    Eric Dyer '04

    The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation recently awarded a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship to Eric Dyer '04 (Mount Royal School of Art) in the film-video category.

  15. Youngmi Song Organ '02

    Youngmi Song Organ '02

    Youngmi Song '02 was born in Korea and studied traditional oriental painting since she was 15. She received her BFA at Chunnam University in Kwangju, Korea. In 1996, she came to United States of America for her studies. In 2002 she received her MFA from Mount Royal School of Art at MICA.

  16. Kate Neckel '00

    Kate Neckel '00

    While doing holiday shopping, you might have noticed the work of 2000 Mount Royal graduate Kate (Creeden) Neckel, who was hired by fashion label Cole Haan to illustrate look books, tool kits, store windows, and billboards- including one featuring tennis star Maria Sharapova for the company's 2011 spring ad campaign.

  17. Shinique Smith '92 '03

    Shinique Smith '92 '03

    Born in Baltimore and currently living in Brooklyn, Shinique Smith's artwork has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Smith works in a variety of artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, collage, and video. The creative manner in which she incorporates materials-found, bought, and created-into bundled sculptures and three-dimensional installations is a hallmark of her art. Smith has found inspiration from a diverse range of sources.

  18. James Kochalka '91

    Alumnus James Kochalka '91

    James Kochalka '91

    MICA alumnus James Kochalka's success as a cartoonist should come as no surprise. After all, "my mom says I started drawing comics before I could write," the 44-year-old artist said. In 2011, the 1991 graduate from the Mount Royal School of Art was fitted into a new role by becoming the state of Vermont's first cartoonist laureate.

  19. Gina Pierleoni '85

    Gina Pierleoni '85

    Of course, it's not only young people who can benefit from art classes. Gina Pierleoni, who received her MFA from Mount Royal School of Art in 1985, runs creativity workshops for women once a month. "For the most part they're people who have always yearned to make things," Pierleoni said.

  20. Quinne Fokes '85

    Quinne Fokes '85

    After Quinne Fokes graduated in 1985 from the Mount Royal School of Art, she shot family portraits and worked in an art gallery. But a job as a sales assistant for a video production facility helped her discover her calling. “I went to a trade show and saw this person working with logos onscreen,” she said. Inspired, Fokes enrolled in San Francisco’s Academy of Art and completed the full curriculum in graphic design.

This page was last updated on 08/18/2017.