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Jon Latiano '13

Jon Latiano

Mount Royal School of Art

Class of 2013

Jonathan Latiano chose Mount Royal because he wanted a place that would offer him an artist community unparalleled to other schools in major cities. He felt the interdisciplinary nature of the program would allow him to continue the diverse conversations that had influenced his sculptural practice in New York. Jonʼs plan after graduate school was to move back to New York. However after two years he fell in love with the city and its art scene, or more appropriately, the people and non- profit galleries that make up the scene.

Jon came into mount Royal as a sculptor with an open mind and willingness to "fail gloriously." What Jon found in the program was "a giant open source think tank with incredible artists and peers who opened my eyes to what my work could be." Mount Royal offered Jon a safe environment to take risks and think big. Jonʼs work was profoundly effected by the subversive and bazar ways works in a variety of disciplines began to interact. After two intensive years at MICA in "hyperdrive" Jon felt that the progress he made would of taken him 10 years without his time as a Mount Royal.

Post graduation the relatively cheap physical space to make work and the supportive creative community Jon found in Baltimore through the Mount Royal School of Art allowed Jons work to continue to develop post graduation. Staying in Baltimore has proven to be a wise choice by Lationo, who adjuncts at the Corcoran and MICA. Jon attributes his recently Baker Award to his Mount Royal education.

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