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  1. Samantha French

    Samantha French is faculty in information Visualization

  2. Andy Kirk

    Andy Kirk is emeritus faculty of Information Visualization

  3. Justin Lloyd

    Justin Lloyd is faculty of Information Visualization

  4. Marisa Peacock

    Marisa Peacock is a social media strategist and marketing consultant. With a strong background, experience and interest in social media, emerging web technologies, web design and multimedia, Marisa has defined and developed web, social and multi-channel marketing strategies for non-profits, small businesses and independent schools. In addition, Marisa is a senior reporter at CMSWire.com and a contributing writer at EdSocialMedia.com, covering stories related to content strategy, customer experience and social business. Marisa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College and a MALS in American Studies from Georgetown University.

  5. Rob Rolleston

    Rob Rolleston is faculty in Information Visualization

  6. Joe Reinsel

    Joe Reinsel is faculty in Information Visualization

  7. Chris Sloan

    Chris Sloan is faculty in Information Visualization

  8. Becky Slogeris

    Becky Slogeris is faculty in the Business of Art and Design

This page was last updated on 01/12/2018.