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Alumni Profiles

Annie Marcotte

Annie Marcotte (BFA Graphic Design'10, MPS InViz '13) works at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory where she helps engineers and scientists with their presentations. Recognizing the importance of illustrating research and data effectively, Annie enrolled in MICA's InViz program to enhance her skills. She's found the online environment liberating as without it, she would not be able to balance work with grad school. Today, she contributes more meaningfully to solving engineering problems. "I will be able to work side-by-side with my engineer colleagues, looking at data, and figuring out what it means through exploring it and visualizing it," she said.

Marianne Siblini

Marianne Siblini '14 is a principal and partner at Base Three Studio in Washington, D.C. Her recipe for a perfect visual solution is to start with an eye for detail and add some commitment to quality. Mix them up and finish off with an outstanding sense of design. Intercontinental Hotels, Sanofi-Aventis, The World Bank, and Middle East Airlines are just a few of the clients who attribute their unique brand expression to Marianne. She continually challenges the studio's creative output to find fresh communication channels that are effective, relevant, and always a sight for sore eyes.

Jennifer Stark

Jennifer Stark '14 works with human neuroimaging data. She developed an interactive visualization that helps assess MRI data for quality and detects transient networks between groups of brain regions. She's building a career combining science and technology where visualization is a key part of the process. Jennifer previously earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and then spent a number of years in research using MRI. Already working with code and huge complex datasets, Jennifer re-evaluated her career trajectory, and discovered that MICA's InViz program met her academic needs while accommodating her professional life. Her thesis project-"Visualizing Human Neuroimaging Data"-addressed several questions regarding two functional MRI datasets: how to assess the data for quality; assuming networks formed between groups of brain regions were non-stationary, how to detect transient networks; and, between the two datasets, which one was best for detecting these transient networks.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor '13 works for a company called Courage Services based in Arlington, VA. Mike started with the company, which focuses on cultural research and geography, as a cartographer. After finishing the InViz program, he became a full time developer and joined a small team developing a social media analysis and visualization application.