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Recommended Graduate Studio Electives

View titles and descriptions for graduate studio electives offered.

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Course # Course Title Credits
FB5425 Unravel the Code 3.00 credits
"Unravel the Code" draws upon traditional crafts to explore emerging technologies of making. We pair weaving with digital algorithms, origami with parametric laser cutting, and handwork with cybernetic systems of control. The first half of the semester features hands-on workshops  led by visiting experts. These inform student's research-based projects that become the focus of the second half of the semester. Students document and propel their research through an individual Creative Process Journal they keep online. The course concludes with a public presentation of these projects. This course is combined with an undergraduate section, and the two are taught together as one class that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. Ryan Hoover and Annet Couwenberg are co-teachers, supported by a cast of technical experts from the fields of engineering, programming, and beyond. Students in Unravel the Code are encouraged to enroll in FB5425.01 TR International Collaboration, an optional travel course centered on a week-long trip to the Netherlands to work with collaborators in digital crafts, engage in Dutch Design Week, and experience a culture where art technology and design readily merge.

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students only (All programs)

FILM5500 Graduate Moving Image I 3.00 credits
Through in-class workshops, students will learn each stage of the filmmaking process, from concept development to exhibition. Students will develop basic skills in digital video production and editing. Screenings and readings will demonstrate the diverse ways moving images are used in fine arts and the cinema. Assignments explore the various ways moving images are used for individual expression, entertainment and social & intellectual inquiry.

Graduate students only

GD5350 Interactive Media & Pub I 3.00 credits
The ink on interactive publications never dries. Interactive designs have multiple dimensions, such as interaction, motion, and time, that can be used to enhance user experience. This graduate-level studio course explores modern online and on-screen design, production, and publishing practices. Students will learn the basics how to design and build websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students will also be exposed to the electronic publishing process, standards, and techniques. This class will cover the essential materials needed to either create or direct web (and other on-screen) experiences. This beginner level class is ideal for students that haven’t had a lot of web design and production experience.

Graduate students only

GD5512 Advanced Publication Design 3.00 credits
In this portfolio-oriented course, graduate students will work on publication design projects involving complex typographic systems, hierarchies, formats, and sequences. The course will encourage students to expand and demonstrate their typographic vocabularies. Undergraduates may register for the course with permission from the Directors of the GD MFA program.

Graduate standing GD students only

GD5535 Graduate Typeface Design 3.00 credits
This course focuses on type design through a series of workshops, assignments and lectures. The course will expose students to professional working methods, lettering techniques, typeface design principles, and typography. GD MFA and GD PBac only. Undergrads may enroll with permission.

Graduate students only

GD5562 Design Language Studio 3.00 credits
This course is a laboratory to explore how processes and materials can both form and inform design. The synthesis of old and new, analog and digital, and hand- and computer-based methods provides students with an opportunity to work beyond the constraints of the computer and take advantage of the aesthetic effects that actual materials bring to visual communication. Students will complete a series of experiments investigating different approaches to synthesizing analog and digital methods into graphic design artifacts. Undergrads may enroll with permission.

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students only (All programs)

GD5568 Graduate Typography 3.00 credits
This course serves as a deep immersion into advanced typographic practice. Typographic syntax and refinement will underscore more complex investigations of information hierarchy, grid systems, typographic voice, compositional strategy, and typography across media. Through a structured series of short exercises and sustained projects, students will increase their facility and confidence as typographers.

Graduate students only

GD5570 User Experience & Interface I 3.00 credits
This class will prepare students to design interfaces that work and generate positive experiences. UX & Interface Design I examines the space where computers, people and design intersect, with an emphasis on supporting effective communication between designers and their audience. Fundamental principles and practices of human-computer interaction, including human capabilities, interface technology, design methods, and evaluation techniques will be covered. Students will complete projects that allow them to gain hands-on experience in all phases of interface design and evaluation.

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students only (All programs)

GD5677 Graduate Letterpress 3.00 credits
This course, taught by Bob Cicero, former owner of Globe Poster, covers the craft of letterpress as it relates to the art of poster-making. Cicero discusses the history of Globe, best-known for its eye-popping, content-rich design of music posters, and the style and form that made Globe posters so distinctive. In 2011, MICA acquired many of Globe's assets — extensive wood type, photo and illustration cuts, hand-carved lettering, and sketches and posters. Using these materials, students will learn the craft of letterpress printing, from setting type to locking up forms to printing on the Vandercook proof presses in the studio.

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students only (All programs)

SD5350 Practice-Based Studio 3.00 credits
The Center for Social Design engages students in the process of problem solving and collaboration using the power of design to make a positive impact on society. Each semester, students work with a specific organization or initiative and focus on a specific objective or issue. Projects and partners change each semester. Past partners have included the Baltimore City Health Department, Baltimore City Public Schools, JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Maryland Energy Administration. Past projects have focused on energy efficiency, food access, lead poisoning, HIV/AIDS, injury prevention, and health care to name a few. CSD students work alongside educators, design professionals, nonprofit and corporate organizations to research and experiment on the ways design can support project goals. Enrollment by permission of instructor.