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Gabrielle Buzgo

Class of 2013

Gabrielle Buzgo is a Jersey Girl born and raised, though she received her BA in Integrated Art and Communications from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. While pursuing her career in art she was also gaining five years of experience in elementary Special Education as a classroom assistant. Gabrielle's thesis, Perception & Ability, was an opportunity to combine her passions for art, advocacy, and education; the success of which has led to her being invited to contribute her thesis work to the Art Beyond Sight Museum Institute in NYC for both their national museum studies curriculum and their annual Teleconference Crash Course on museum accessibility.

Through Perception & Ability, Gabrielle was added to the part time staff at Evergreen Museum & Library as the Museum Coordinator, where she oversees weekend operations and develops programs. She has also found a full time position that combines her love for the arts and education at University of Maryland Baltimore County as their Visual & Performing Arts Admissions Counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation.

Perception & Ability is an exhibition at Johns Hopkins University's Evergreen Museum & Library that addresses the way imposed labels can limit our perceptions of an individual's abilities. While labels, such as disabled or handicapped, are used to categorize individuals within society, they show little regard to how individuals define themselves, or how they defy such labeling. Perception & Ability will also highlight the unique design of the house in response to the physical needs of its one-time owner, Ambassador John Work Garrett (1872-1942). With the assistance from an intern from the Baltimore Lab School, a college preparatory school for students with moderate to severe learning disabilities, Perception & Ability will increase awareness and discussion about the accessibility of the arts.