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Chloe Gallagher

Class of 2013

Chloe was born and raised in Oregon where she enjoyed electricity, indoor plumbing, and suffered little squirrel meat. In the time of her relatively covered-wagon-free childhood, typhoid was making few appearances and threats were limited to high pollen count and occasional outbreaks of drum circles. She graduated with a BA in Art History from the University of Oregon. After undergrad she spent three years as the creative director of an art gallery named for a magical woodland in a Grateful Dead song, where, perhaps unsurprisingly, she made insane amounts of money selling paintings of birthing Goddesses and DMT trips. She later moved to The City of Roses to pursue journalism and independent curation. She turned down two small roles on "Portlandia," The Brunette Barista with Ironic Samuel Beckett Tattoos and Girl Whose Clothes Fit Awkwardly But It Looks Like It Might Be On Purpose, because frankly, they hit too close to home. Now living in Baltimore, she spends the majority of her time making mail art she forgets to send, copying off of Gabrielle Buzgo's homework, and writing art reviews for City Paper that she has seen her landlord use to line their parakeet cage.

The Globe Poster: Not To Be Missed! exhibition celebrated the production of Baltimore's own Globe Poster Printing Company and their culturally and aesthetically significant contribution to the visual landscape of African-American music forms-from Golden Era R&B up to funk, hip-hop, and Go-Go. Through the display of show posters, printing tools, and historical ephemera the exhibition created an affective environment, inviting audiences to explore the rich history of American music and industry. A wide variety of programming, from live music to workshops and panel discussions, were also held on site.