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Continuing Studies: Drawing, Painting, and General Fine Arts Courses

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Course # Course Title Credits Instructor Cost
CSAR 232 Drawing on History: A Survey of Architecture through Sketch 2 credits Megan Elcrat $840

Section A Meets 9/2/2016 to 12/9/2016 on Friday from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

This survey of architectural history throughout Baltimore focuses primarily on sketching on-site with some classroom instruction. No previous drawing experience is required; beginners and experienced artists alike will develop technique and analytical skills through practice and a refined eye. Students will learn to view the built environment through the lens of its past. We will visit and examine both well known sites such as the Washington Monument and Peabody Library, as well as more obscure landscapes, interiors, buildings, and monuments.. Note: No class November 25. Instructors: Megan Elcrat has a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and has been practicing architecture since 2005. She is the principal of 33:Design, LLC, which specializes in historic renovation, adaptive reuse, and residential work. Megan is a member of the Design Review Committee of Federal Hill and Fells Point, a LEED-accredited professional, and volunteer with the Neighborhood Design Center. Neil Murray has a Masters of Architecture from the University of Maryland with a certificate in Urban Design. He is a registered architect at AECOM where his projects involve the planning and design of future human infrastructure systems. He has taught drawing, design, and analysis at the University of Maryland, Morgan State University, and MICA.
CSCE 326 Wheel Throwing 1.5 credits Sarah Barnes $630

Section A Meets 9/19/2016 to 12/12/2016 on Monday from 6:30 PM to 9:45 PM.

This fast-paced class emphasizes form and function with the potter’s wheel to create a body of work. Students will refine and build on basic skills as they advance to larger and more complicated forms. For experienced students, attachments, altering, and combining thrown forms are highlighted, as well as various firing and glazing techniques. Innovation, risk taking, and creative development take precedence over production. Beginners as well as more advanced students will be supported and challenged. This course is meant to open the MICA ceramics studio to the broader community and is not designed explicitly for undergraduate or graduate students. Prerequisites for undergraduate students: CE 200 or CE 201; for graduate students: any previous CE or CSCE (OSCE) course at MICA; for community members: none. Note: No class on October 17. Instructor: Sarah Barnes has been the MICA Ceramics Studio Manager and on the adjunct faculty since 1995. She specializes in wood fired, functionally based work. Sarah co-founded the MICA Art Market—a venue that brings together staff, students, alumni, and faculty to sell handmade art to the public.
CSDR 101 Learning to Draw 1.5 credits David Little $630

Section A Meets 9/15/2016 to 12/8/2016 on Thursday from 6:30 PM to 9:45 PM.

Students develop their ability to perceive and render forms in space on a two-dimensional surface. The course introduces basic drawing techniques and materials, with an emphasis on drawing from observation. Topics covered include line, value, gesture, composition, linear, and atmospheric perspective. Note: Students should bring an 18” x 24” newsprint pad (rough), very soft to soft vine charcoal, and a large kneaded eraser to the first class meeting. No class on March 17.
CSDR 125 Collage 1.5 credits Dorothy Valakos $630

Section A Meets 9/19/2016 to 12/12/2016 on Monday from 6:30 PM to 9:45 PM.

A collage is made by adhering pieces of paper, wood, cloth, and other materials onto paper or another flat surface, often in combination with hand-drawn or painted imagery. The artist expresses his or her idea by composing and juxtaposing these found elements to create new meanings and associations. This mixed-media course primarily explores the two-dimensional possibilities of working with collage, though students may investigate related processes such as assemblage, photomontage, wood collage, and digital collage. Slide lectures introduce a wide range of historical and contemporary artists who have worked with these media. Note: A fee of $10 covers materials provided by the instructor. Students will also be given a list of materials to be purchased. No class on October 17. Instructor: Dorothy Valakos is a painter and mixed-media artist who has exhibited widely throughout the region and is a recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award. She has worked with diverse populations both as an instructor of fine arts and as a museum educator. She holds an MFA from the Mount Royal School of Art at MICA.
CSDR 210 Drawing the Portrait 1.5 credits Eric Rutledge $630

Section A Meets 9/13/2016 to 12/6/2016 on Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 9:45 PM.

Great portraiture depends on the artist’s thorough understanding of the human form, keen powers of observation, and a highly developed ability to depict what is seen, with a strong working knowledge of traditional principles of design. Using pencil, charcoal, and other drawing media, and working from live models, students will build the foundational skills needed to create beautiful portraits. Note: Students should bring a pad of 18” X 24” drawing paper (either Strathmore 400 series or Canson 1557), HB, H and 2H drawing pencils, and a kneaded eraser to the first class. No class on October 18. Instructor: Eric Rutledge received his BA from the University of South Florida and his MFA from MICA. He specializes in figurative drawing and painting, and exhibits locally and along the east coast.
CSPH 221 The Digital Darkroom 1.5 credits - TBA $630

Section A Meets 9/24/2016 to 12/10/2016 on Saturday from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

In this hands-on course, students learn to use their digital cameras through a variety of projects that help to develop technical and creative skills. Students work one-on-one with the instructor on field trips to local destinations to be announced. Critiques and slide lectures of historic photographs help students expand their personal vision and address elements of composition and technique. Note: No class on October 15 or November 26.
CSPR 219 Artist's Books: Multi-Signature Bindings 1.5 credits Ursula Minervini $630

Section A Meets 9/13/2016 to 12/6/2016 on Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 9:45 PM.

This course introduces the student to multi-signature book binding techniques including long stitch, Coptic, and Belgian Lace. Students will apply these techniques to an investigation of such issues as narrative, pacing, repetition, and physicality. Each student will choose a guiding theme or subject and explore a variety of possibilities for expressing this content in book form, as they design and produce a unique artist’s book. Note: A $15 materials fee, to be paid to the instructor at the first class, will cover the cost of shared supplies. Students will also be given a list of materials to be purchased. No class October 18. Instructor: Ursula West Minervini earned her BFA in Printmaking from MICA and her MFA from Towson University. She operates Pellinore Press, a letterpress and woodcut studio.
CSPT 202 Introduction to Water-Based Media 1.5 credits - TBA $630

Section A Meets 9/14/2016 to 12/7/2016 on Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 9:45 PM.

Students explore the unique characteristics of three water-based media: watercolor, gouache, and ink. These media afford a wide range of expressive possibilities for the artist and designer and are notable for their luminous color, portability, and quick drying time. Through demonstrations and hands-on projects, students experiment with approaches from spontaneous and free to highly rendered. Topics include painting techniques, properties of transparent and opaque pigments, color mixing, brush strokes, and appropriate supports, grounds, and palettes. Note: No class on November 23.
NCDR 110 Open Studio Model Sessions 0 credits - TBA $105

Section A Meets 9/18/2016 to 12/11/2016 on Sunday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
Section B Meets 9/27/2016 to 12/6/2016 on Tuesday from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Sessions are offered for those who want to draw or paint from the live figure. Each section includes two models - one for quick poses for sketching and one for sustained drawing or painting. A class coordinator will ensure the quality of each session. No formal instruction is offered and there are no prerequisites. Note: At least 25 students must enroll in each section for it to run. Section A will not meet on October 16, November 20 and November 27. Section B will not meet on October 18.