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Ceramics Studio Concentration (2013-14)

The Ceramics Concentration is an opportunity to focus a portion of study (15 credits) in Ceramics as a supporting, interdisciplinary and integral part of a student's undergraduate experience. This program is structured to support a student's foundational technical strength while still honoring the interdisciplinary nature of their pursuit. In conjunction with their studio courses students are advised to consider a listing of supporting humanities courses that sharpen and deepen the concentration.

This curriculum supports students with a variety of interests, from students interested in various permutations of the use of ceramics within a mixed media context to students interested in material science, new technologies and industrial product design. This concentration is intended for students from any major outside of Ceramics who have an interest in exploring the medium as a supporting part of their studio practice. Declaration of the concentration is preferred in the sophomore year.

Requirements for the Ceramics Concentration

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Introduction to Ceramics: The Hand Built Form CE 200 3
Introduction to Ceramics: The Wheel Thrown Form CE 201 3
Two of the following workshops
Ceramics: Glaze Workshop CE 206 1.5
Raw Materials Workshop CE 206C 1.5
Ceramics: Kiln Workshop CE 207 1.5
Or choose one of the following 3 credit courses:
On the Surface CCE 333 3
Anagama Kiln Firing CE 309 3
Subtotal 3
Choose one of the following:
Size Matters: Modular and Sectional Construction in Clay CE 272 3
Wheel Throwing: Altered Forms CE 315 3
Cast Ceramics: Module, Multiple, and Mimic CE 324 3
Glass Blowing CE 340 3
Ceramics Problems in Design CE 345 3
Tile and Mural CE 310 3
Intermediate/Advanced figure Sculpture IS 372 3
Subtotal 3
Choose one of the following:
The Ubiquitous Object CE 328 3
Hybrid Methods CE 347 3
Kitsch-n-Kraft CE 330 3
In Situ: Site Specific Work CE 335 3
Botched Taxidermy CE 350 3
Ceramics Studio I: Cut and Paste: Collage Mixed Media, Installation CE 360E 3
Ceramics Studio I: Material Contexts CE 360B 3
Ceramics Studio I: Figuring Bodies CE 360C 3
Subtotal 3
Total Credits for the Ceramics Concentration 15