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Art History, Theory, and Criticism Curriculum (2013-14)

Total Credits for the BFA in Art History, Theory, and Criticism: 126 (132 if a minor in humanistic studies is selected)
The below degree plan is for the 2013-14 academic year. Existing students should use MyMICA or contact their Advisor to get a personalized degree plan.

Foundation Requirements: All students must complete the following requirements.
Course TitleCourse #Credits
Elements of Visual Thinking I FF 100 3
Sculptural Forms FF 101 3
Elements of Visual Thinking II FF 102 3
Painting I FF 150 3
Drawing I FF 198 3
Drawing II FF 199 3
Electronic Media & Culture FF 210 3
Foundation Studio Elective 3
Total Credits for the Foundation Requirements 24
Humanistic Studies and Art History Requirements
Course TitleCourse #Credits
Critical Inquiry LA 101 3
Intellectual History Electives 1 and 2 6
Science/Math Elective 3
Theory Elective 3
Art Matters AH 100 3
Modernism and After AH 201 3
Art History Electives 9
Humanistic Studies Electives (2 at any level) 6
Humanistic Studies Electives (2 at 300 level and above) 6
Total Credits for the Humanistic Studies and Art History Requirements
Requirements for the Major in Art History, Theory, and Criticism
Course TitleCourse #Credits
Art Matters (foundation requirement) AH 100 3
Modernism and After (core requirement) AH 201 3
Ancient through Gothic AH 202 3
Renaissance through 1855 AH 200 3
Method or Criticism Course AH306/345 3
World Arts Electives AH 6
Senior Thesis/Seminar AH 499 3
Art History Electives (at least 6 credits at 400-level) AH 15*
Art History Subtotal for the Major 39
Studio requirements beyond Foundation
Level II Drawing (life or studio) 3
Photography Elective 3
3D Elective 3
Electronic Arts Elective 3
Open Electives 24
Studio Subtotal for Major 36
Foundation Studio Requirements 24
LLC Core Requirements 27/33*
Total Credits for BFA 126/132*

* If a minor in LLC is selected, the total will be 132 credits. Please note that the 9-credit core art history elective requirement is included in the 18 credits of art history electives for the major on this chart.