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Studio Concentration - Experimental Fashion 2012-13

Studio Concentration plan for 2012-13

The experimental fashion concentration, open to fiber majors, is a structured, sequential investigation into the domain of fashion, art, and culture. The program balances practice and theory and placing fashion in its broadest cultural context, from consumption to theglobal market. Visual cultural research and critical thinking are integral to the course work and equal to studio work. Students obtain the knowledge, understanding, and ability to verbalize theories and ideas that relate to their own work and enhance their skills in interpreting and articulating their understanding of art and culture.

In conjunction with studio practice, students are advised to take specific language, literature, and culture and art history courses. Writing is promoted from research to interpretation, and readings will expand the limits of what one can consider and articulate about works of art.

The experimental fashion concentration is intended for fiber majors with a strong interest in an intensive study of fashion. Students must fulfill 18 studio credits in the Fiber Department and three academic credits in the Language, Literature, and Culture Department. Advising is conducted by the chair and faculty of the Fiber Department.

Declaration of a fashion concentration is preferred in the sophomore year, but students who develop an interest later can join during their junior year in consultation with the chair of the Fiber Department. Although the majority of courses for the fashion concentration should be taken at MICA, specifically identified courses at our partner institutions abroad and in the U.S. can supplement the degree plan. Fiber majors have priority registration in the required courses.

Requirements for the Experimental Fashion Concentration

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Garment Design and Production: Part I Draping and Drafting FB 206 1.5
Garment Design and Production: Part II Realizing Designs FB 208 1.5
Costume FB 322 3
Fashioning Culture - Readdressing Clothing FB 416 3
Multi-media Event I FB 438 3
Multi-media Event II FB 439 3
Subtotal 15
Complete one from the following:
Material Construction FB 327
Uniformity FB 329
Silkscreening on Fabric FB 331
Surface Resist Dyeing FB 334
Collage and Sculptural Surfaces FB 368
Performance Garment FB 344
Millinery Workshop FB 215
Digital Garment Patterning FB 210
Subtotal 3
Complete one from the following related liberal arts courses:
History of Material Culture (Indus. Rev. - mid-19th c.) AH 346
Fashion and the Avant-Garde AH 329
Mass Media and the Contemporary World HST 440
Body Discourse LIT 314-H
Performance Studies and Cyber Theory LIT 388-TH
Subtotal 3
Total Credits for the Experimental Fashion Concentration 21