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Studio Concentration - Curatorial Studies 2012-13

Studio Concentration plan for 2012-13

The curatorial studies concentration is offered as a result of a growing interest and stated need for a professional development opportunity that expands students’ experiences, research, and knowledge in the field of museum and curatorial practice. The concentration is intentionally interdisciplinary in its structure, choices, and experiences, and it is open to students in all majors. Required courses include the Exhibition Development Seminar and an internship in an appropriate field. Elective courses may be drawn from a wide range of relevant courses offered in the undergraduate degree program, Division of Continuing Studies, and by area colleges participating in MICA’s academic exchange program.

Requirements for the Curatorial Studies Concentration

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Exhibition Development Seminar, Part I AH 405 3
Exhibition Development Seminar, Part II EX 405 3
Internship (museum, gallery, community arts etc.) INT 402 3
Choose three elective courses:
From MICA Degree Programs:
History of Material Culture (Indust. Rev. - mid-19th c.) AH 346
History of Material Culture (20th c.) AH 347
Introduction to Object Conservation AH 381
Introduction to Curatorial Studies AH 388
Exhibition Development Seminar I and II * AH 405/EX 405
Material, Technique, and Conservation AH/PT 343
Art and Human Development* ED 5200
Critical Response to Art * ED 5305
Baltimore Maritime Studio ENV 337
Multi-Media Event FB 438/439
MICA/JHU Design Coalition GD 323
Signs, Exhibits, and Spaces GD 370
Museums, Screens, and Kiosks IDA 350
Interactive Exhibition Design IDA 357
Contemporary Critical Studies LIT 354
Independent Study (approval of Departmental Chair required) _398
From MICA Continuing Studies
The Venice Biennale, Then and Now CS
Art in Berlin: 1989-Now (Summer 2012) CS
Outside MICA
Introduction to the Museum: Past and Present JHU 201
Introduction to the Museum: Issues and Ideas JHU 202
Conversation of Modern and Contemporary Art JHU 343
Introduction to Museum Studies Morgan State Univ. 420
Media and Community Univ. Baltimore CMAT 453
Beginning Painting Conservation I SACI ARTS(PC-1)400
Conservation Law, Business, and Management SACI ARTH(PC)495
On-Site Conservation SACI ARTS(OS)400
Diagnostic Techniques for Conservators SACI ARTH(DTC1)495
Museology SACI ARTH(M)495
Subtotal 9
Total Credits for the Curatorial Studies Concentration 18