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Studio Concentration - Book Arts 2012-13

Studio Concentration plan for 2012-13

The book arts concentration, open to majors in graphic design, illustration, photography, printmaking, art history, and general fine arts, offers an opportunity to study theory, concept and craft pertaining to the book arts. Book arts at MICA is an interdisciplinary framework, and the concentration recognizes students majoring in the departments listed above who have completed a total of 15 credits as prescribed by the concentration guidelines below. Students wishing to declare the concentration should do so in their sophomore year and work with their MICA advisor on planning course selections. Printmaking majors who are book arts concentrators are asked to participate in extracurricular department activities, including exhibitions and visiting artist lectures.

Requirements for the Book Arts Concentration

Course TitleCourse #Credits
Step 1: Choose two or more in the freshman or sophomore year:
Typography I GD 201
Typography II GD 221
Visual Journalism IL 202
Narrative: Words and Pictures IL 230
Digital Photography PH 362
Papermaking and Book Structure PR 294
History of Paper Structure PR 340
Introduction to Print Media PR 200
Subtotal 6
Step 2: Choose two or more in the junior or senior year:
Publication Design GD 312
Design It Yourself (DIY) GD 366
Letter Workshop GD 435
Lettering and Type GD 436
Mixed Media Book GFA 305
Handletters IL 254
Book Illustration IL 266
Sequential Arts IL 272
Advanced Book Illustration IL 366
Photographic Book PH 354
Digital Photography I
PH 262
Alternative Process in Photography PH 386
The Illustrative Print PR 222
Dolphin Press: 'Zine PR 244
Dolphin Press: Letterpress PR 248
Artist's Book PR 354
Archaeology of Bookbinding and Paper PR 400
Internship (including JHU Practicum. Must be related to Book Arts) INT 402
Subtotal 6
Choose one academic elective:
History of Prints AH 326
History of Photography AH 332
History of Graphic Design AH 240 or 341
History of Illustration AH 350
Contemporary Practice in Print Media AH 365
Making and Using Books in the Middle Ages AH 430
The Nature of the Book LIT 307-TH
Intermediate Poetry Workshop CWRT 326
Subtotal 3
Additional course from Step 1 or 2 list (minimum of 15 studio credits required 3
Total Credits for the Book Arts Concentration 18