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Art History, Theory, and Criticism Curriculum 2012-13

Total Credits for the BFA in Art History, Theory, and Criticism: 126 (132 if a minor in humanistic studies is selected)
The below degree plan is for the 2012-13 academic year. Existing students should use MyMICA or contact their Advisor to get a personalized degree plan.

Foundation Requirements: All students must complete the following requirements.
Course TitleCourse #Credits
Elements of Visual Thinking I FF 100
Sculptural Forms FF 101
Elements of Visual Thinking II FF 102
Painting I FF 150
Drawing I FF 198
Drawing II FF 199
Electronic Media & Culture FF 210
Foundation Studio Elective 3
Total Credits for the Foundation Requirements 24
Humanistic Studies and Art History Requirements
Course TitleCourse #Credits
Critical Inquiry LA 101
Intellectual History Electives 1 and 2 6
Science/Math Elective 3
Theory Elective 3
Art Matters AH 100
Modernism and After AH 201
Art History Electives 9
Humanistic Studies Electives (2 at any level) 6
Humanistic Studies Electives (2 at 300 level and above)
Total Credits for the Humanistic Studies and Art History Requirements
Requirements for the Major in Art History, Theory, and Criticism
Course TitleCourse #Credits
Art Matters (foundation requirement) AH 100 3
Modernism and After (core requirement) AH 201 3
Ancient through Gothic AH 202 3
Renaissance through 1855 AH 200 3
Method or Criticism Course AH306/345 3
World Arts Electives AH 6
Senior Thesis/Seminar AH 499 3
Art History Electives (at least 6 credits at 400-level) AH 15*
Art History Subtotal for the Major 39
Studio requirements beyond Foundation
Level II Drawing (life or studio) 3
Photography Elective 3
3D Elective 3
Electronic Arts Elective 3
Open Electives 24
Studio Subtotal for Major 36
Foundation Studio Requirements 24
LLC Core Requirements 27/33*
Total Credits for BFA 126/132*

* If a minor in LLC is selected, the total will be 132 credits. Please note that the 9-credit core art history elective requirement is included in the 18 credits of art history electives for the major on this chart.