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Technology Information


Through the school website, and MyMICA , a section of the College's website especially for you, you will find a lot of useful information about life at MICA from Admissions, Residence Life, Student Activities, Student Accounts, MICA Orientation, and Enrollment Services. News and announcements--from student account deadline reminders to exhibition opening announcements--will appear on every student's MyMICA page. With all your personal services and up-to-date news all available through MyMICA, students will find this a convenient and dynamic resource for all things MICA!

Even before you arrive on campus, email, MICA.edu, and MyMICA will be your primary ways of receiving information from the college and communicating with campus departments. Throughout your time at MICA, you'll use MyMICA to get grades, register for classes, and access information posted by faculty, students, and departments


MICA provides all students with a MICA email account hosted by Google. All official MICA email communications are sent to the student's MICA.edu email address. Students are required to check their email account regularly, and are responsible for reading and understanding all MICA notices and announcements sent to their email address from the College. Students can access MICA email at https://gmail.com from anywhere they have internet access.

Computer Recommendations

Laptop computers are the ideal computer to bring along to student housing, as they take up very little space, can be carried to class when needed, and are most adaptable to life on campus and for travel. In general, we recommend a Macintosh laptop since that is the standard computer for most of our labs and classrooms and most faculty at MICA use them as well.

If you need additional information or consultation about the purchase of a computer beyond the information provided below, please call the Help Desk at 410-225-2201 or help@mica.edu.

Apple/Macintosh Computers recommended computer specifications for new purchases:

13" MacBook Pro:

● Intel Core i5 processor
● 16GB of RAM
● 256GB solid state drive
● Intel Iris Graphics 650

15" MacBook Pro is recommended for students planning to major in Animation, Illustration, Film & Video, Graphic Design, Game Design, and Product Design:

15" MacBook Pro:
● Intel Core i7 processor
● 16GB of RAM
● 256GB solid state drive
● Radeon Pro 555

As the MacBook Pros use the newer USB-C ports for I/O connectivity, a USB to USB-C adapter, which are generally available for a price under $20, is recommended.

Minimum specifications for existing Apple/Macintosh computers:

● Intel Core i5 processor
● 8GB of RAM
● 128GB solid state drive
● 13-inch screen or larger

Students planning to major in the following areas should purchase a PC as these programs use software that only runs on PCs:

● Architectural Design
● Game Design
● 3D Animation

Personal Computer/PC recommended computer specifications for new purchases:

15" Dell XPS 9560 laptop:

● Intel Core i7 processor
● Windows 10 home
● 16GB of RAM
● 512GB solid state drive
● NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card

Minimum specifications for existing Personal Computer/PCs:

● Intel Core i5 processor
● 8GB of RAM
● 128GB solid state drive
● 13-inch screen or larger

Important Notes:

● Support plans are highly recommended.
● Unlimited online storage is available through MICA Google Drive
● Recommended: a 1-4TB external hard drive, depending on your discipline (video, etc.). Cost is approximately $50-$100.

The Office of Technology Systems and Services will have a table at move-in with personnel who can help you get your computer set up for use in college housing.

Internet Access

Students living in Meyerhoff House, Founders Green, Mt. Royal Apartments, Gateway, and other college-owned housing have high-speed internet access included in the cost of housing. In these locations, students can connect their computers to the campus network wirelessly. Additionally, some college-housing, as well as other campus locations, are equipped with ethernet access; because of that, students are advised to bring an ethernet cable to connect your computer to an ethernet port when it's available. If students are unable to purchase an ethernet cable, they can contact the Help Desk (Help@mica.edu) to see if one can be provided.

The Office of Technology Systems and Services will provide information and assistance to all incoming freshmen living in campus housing to ensure that they can connect to the network. All public and classroom computers on campus are connected to the network for internet and email access as well. Students will be informed about MICA's network and computer use policies at orientation. All students must abide by these policies.

Wireless Network

MICA has an extensive wireless network that allows students with portable computers equipped with wireless network adapters to access the internet from classrooms and public spaces on campus. Wireless access is also available in all college-housing dorm spaces. MICA's secure wireless network will appear as 'MICA' under your list of accessible networks. Once connected, open a web browser and you will be directed to a login screen. This log in page uses the same username and password as your MICA username and password.

Personal Web Space

MICA provides each student with space on the college's servers to maintain an individual website. For more information, please go to http://student.mica.edu.

Digital Printing Studio

The college maintains a sophisticated digital printing studio where high-resolution printing is available at very reasonable prices. The studio provides wide-format, pigment-based archival quality printing services on a number of state-of-the-art printers. In addition to all of that, the MICA Print Lab is also home to a t-shirt printer! Digital printing facilities are located in the Art Tech Center at 1208 Mount Royal Avenue.

Digital Fabrication Studio

The Digital Fabrication Studio is a facility open to all MICA students. It houses laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC mills, with support from trained technicians. Other tools include a jig saw, soldering irons, multimeters, Plexiglas cutter, and basic hand tools. This facility also hosts classes that integrate digital technologies into fabrication processes, including the creation of objects from digital 3D models and the integration of electronics into made objects. This is not a service center where you drop off a file and pick up an object; this is a studio where artists and designers are actively engaged in making and learning.

The Digital Fabrication Studio is made possible in part by generous contributions from MMI. The studio is located in rooms 101 and 102 in the Station Building.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Digital Fabrication Lab, you can use the following:
(410) 225 - 4109

This page was last updated on 05/24/2018.