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Student Accounts, Banking, & Initial Expenses

Student Accounts

The Office of Student Account Services welcomes you to MICA! We assist students every day in the following areas, so please feel free to drop by or call us if you ever need help with:

  • Bill payment questions and concerns
  • Signing up for payment plans
  • Placing money onto MICARDS, aka the "Flex Account"
  • Obtaining reimbursement checks for those students with excessive Financial Aid and/or Private and Grad PLUS loans
  • Signing up for meals plans
  • Purchasing MICA Health Insurance (Student Affairs can waive MICA health insurance. Students can purchase with Student Accounts office.)

Fall 2018 billing invoices are emailed directly to the student during the first week of July, with payment-in-full due on August 1, 2018. Spring billing invoices are emailed in early December with payment-in-full due January 2, 2019. Any pending loans, scholarships, and grants will appear on the invoices in the Anticipated Aid section, and these amounts will be subtracted from the current balance amount. Late payments are subject to an additional fee. Please contact Student Account Services if you have questions regarding invoice charges or credits. This office can be reached by calling 410-225-2356, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, or by emailing studentaccounts@mica.edu.

The Student Accounts is located in Bunting Center, Room 240 and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM
Phone: 410-225-2356
Fax: 410-669-1030
Email: studentaccounts@mica.edu


M&T Bank, located at 715 North Howard Street, has special offerings for students and operates an on-campus ATM. M&T Bank will have representatives on campus during orientation; however, lines to open a checking account may be long. We strongly suggest that you consider opening an account by mail. M&T Bank will send you an application in mid-July. If you have any questions, call 410-728-7934 and ask for the customer service department.

Initial Expenses

During the first week of classes, your instructors will inform you of any art supplies or books you will be required to purchase for their classes. These first-semester supply purchases for First Year students amount to approximately $800, and the total estimated cost of supplies and books for the entire year amounts to approximately $1,600. Transfer students' first-semester costs are approximately $800 for courses in their major. The MICA Store carries most of the items you will need at reasonable prices. You should bring with you any art supplies you may have at home that could be useful.

MICA College Store

The MICA College Store is staffed by experienced artists and talented students who can assist you in finding the art supplies and books you need for classes and fun. The store carries a huge assortment of art supplies for every discipline, all at competitive prices. The books on the first floor are texts required for classes, while the second floor is filled with monographs, magazines, graphic novels, poetry, and much more for your reading and viewing enjoyment.

The store accepts MICARD as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash, and checks. MICA merchandise can be purchased at the MICA store. The MICA store is located 1501 Mount Royal Ave. For more information, call 410-225-2276 or email store@mica.edu

This page was last updated on 05/14/2018.