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Shipping Your Belongings, Mailing & Shipping

Shipping Your Belongings

Due to the limited space in Postal and Print Services and the residence halls for packages, the most efficient means for transporting your belongings is to bring them with you. MICA also recommends that any items which must be shipped be scheduled to arrive after you are here to accept them, as we cannot accept packages at MICA Postal & Print or at the residence halls before you arrive on campus. Please address your mail and packages to one of the following addresses:

Founders Green
Residence Hall Name
Student Name
120 McMechen St Apt #
Baltimore, MD 21217

Student Name
1601 Mount Royal Ave Apt #
Baltimore, MD 21217

Meyerhoff House
Student Name
140 W Lafayette Ave Apt #
Baltimore, MD 21217

Mt. Royal Apartments (your package will be delivered to Gateway)
Student Name
15 - Mount Royal Ave Apt #
Baltimore, MD 21217

If you live off campus, or are a Grad Student in the Curatorial Studies, Graphic Design MFA, Critical Studies, or PostBacc Graphic Design Programs:

Student Name
c/o MICA Postal & Print
1401 W Mount Royal Ave
Baltimore, MD 21217

Graduate Student Shipping & Mail

MICA Graduate Studies accepts packages on behalf of graduate students in most programs (excludes Art Ed Programs, Curatorial Studies, Critical Studies, Graphic Design MFA, and PostBacc Graphic Design. Please notify the Office of Graduate Studies, (410-) 225-5274, if you intend to ship personal belongings to MICA prior to Orientation. All other mail (including letter mail, catalogs, magazines, etc.) should be sent to the student's residence.

Graduate Students:
Student Name
c/o MICA Graduate Studies
131 W North Ave
Baltimore, MD 21201

Art Education Students:
Art Education will be accepting Art Ed Student packages at their new location in the Lazarus Studio Center.

Student Name
c/o MICA Art Education
131 W North Ave
Baltimore, MD 21201

POD Storage
The use of a POD/delivered storage container is strongly discouraged given the limited space available for delivery in MICA's urban setting; however, if this is the only means of getting your belongings to campus, please read the following information very carefully.

Residential students must notify the Office of Residence
Life and Off-Campus Housing who will assist you on a first come, first served basis with identifying a space at MICA to have your storage unit delivered. On-campus space is expected to be extremely limited, and many requests may not be able to be fulfilled. PODS that have not been granted pre-approval will not be allowed. Any PODS that are approved must be removed no later than the second day of classes.

Students living off-campus should know that all containers delivered to a street address will need to obtain a city permit. Most companies will obtain a permit for you, but it is your responsibility to inquire if they will. Please keep the window that your POD is delivered and when it is picked up as narrow as is possible. This will help us be good neighbors with our surrounding community.

MICA Postal & Print Services / Printing, Stamps, UPS, and FedEx

Located on the first floor of the Bunting Building, MICA Postal & Print Services is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00pm.  A full-service post office serving the MICA campus and the surrounding community, the Postal & Print Services ships both domestically and internationally with UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service. It also offers copying, faxing and laminating services. You can even print your artwork for your classes there. Just bring in a jpeg or pdf on your usb drive, or email it to postalandprint@mica.edu with clear instructions for 8 ½" x 11" or ll" x 17" prints.

Need a stamp? MICA Postal & Print carries a large selection of stamps, boxes, postcards, greeting cards, USB drives and other mailing supplies. They can also supply you with your change of address forms when you move.

Moving off campus? When you live off-campus, you can have your packages delivered to MICA Postal & Print Services, where they will be held safely for you to pick up.

The office is on Facebook for package delivery notifications. It's a friendly, safe and popular place to get your postal and printing work done. For more information, call 410-225-2202 or e-mail, postalandprint@mica.edu.

Fax Services
The Office of Student Affairs on the Second Floor of the Bunting Center also has fax service available to students.

This page was last updated on 06/15/2017.