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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers for Frequently asked Questions we hear from all of our incoming students. If you have any questions that are not answered in this section, please don't hesitate to contact the Student Activities Office at 410-225-2284 or email us at studentactivities@mica.edu.

Orientation FAQ

How do I get to MICA?

Please see the Visit MICA page for comprehensive information. Pay close attention to directions (these will be mailed out later in the summer) for the day of move-in (For First-Year Students, Wednesday, August 23, 2017; For Transfer Students, Friday. August 25th, 2017) Please keep in mind that traffic around MICA will be heavy that day due to student move-in.

Do I need to register and/or pay a fee to attend Orientation?

No, at MICA there is no registration necessary for Orientation. If you are a member of the incoming class (first-year or transfer student), it is assumed you will attend Orientation. All new students pay a mandatory one time Orientation fee, which has already been charged to your student account with your tuition. You will NOT need to pay any additional fees related to Orientation upon arrival.

There is a tremendous amount of information and materials disseminated during Orientation that you cannot afford to miss.

What is Orientation like and why is it important?

For First-Year students, Orientation at MICA is a fun and intensive four day program. You will participate in a wide variety of activities designed to help you get acclimated to MICA, Baltimore, and living on your own. From academic based sessions like “Great Crit, Great Classes” to fun social gatherings in the evening, Orientation has something for everyone!

For upperclass transfer students, Orientation is critical to making your transition to MICA a success. Not only will you have an opportunity to meet fellow transfer students, you will also have the chance to meet with your academic advisor, current students, and other key individuals at MICA.

College can be a time of challenge, excitement, and adjustment. Orientation is the best way to learn your way around MICA and your new surrounding community. Orientation also provides guidance and resources on academics, involvement, and support services on campus.

What if I am unable to attend all of the Orientation sessions?

If you are unable to attend an Orientation session, notify your assigned Orientation Leader when you arrive to MICA. When you receive your full schedule at check-in, take a look at it right away and let your Orientation Leaders know if you have a conflict. It would helpful for you not to plan any major events, work shifts, or outings beginning Wednesday, August 23rd through your first day of classes.

What should I bring to college and do I need to stock up on art supplies now?

MICA’s Residence Life Office provides a list of recommended items to bring to campus with you. Download the PDF What to Bring to MICA. You should bring art supplies and tools if you have them since this will save you some money. Do not buy new materials until you begin your classes. While most work involves basic materials, your instructors may require specific supplies and will provide you with a list of materials for their particular course. Most of the supplies will be available in the MICA store, located at 1200 Mount Royal Avenue. You can also visit the MICA store online at the MICA College Store website.

What if I have questions about my housing situation?

For all housing related questions, you can visit the Residence Life website. You will find detailed information about living on or off campus at MICA, including a packing list, important dates and deadlines, and helpful contact information for the Residence Life staff.

Will I be fed during Orientation?

If you have purchased a college meal plan, you will be able to utilize that starting the first dinner of Orientation. If you have not purchased a meal plan, you can pay-per-meal at the dining facilities or pack your own meals, whatever is most comfortable. There are a few meals that are provided free of charge for MICA students attending Orientation, which you can read about in the detailed Orientation schedule you receive at check-in.

Should my Parents and/or Family plan on attending Orientation with me?

During the first day of First-Year Orientation, Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, there are several sessions specifically designed for Parents and Family members of incoming MICA students. The Parent Schedule is available within the  Schedule At-A-Glance Section of our Website.

We ask that your parents and family members say their farewells during dinner on Wednesday in order for you to start acclaimating with your peers and to fully take part of the Orientation experience.

What is a MICARD and how do I get one?

MICARD is the name of the official student identification card at MICA. Every student, faculty, and staff member at the college is issued a MICARD and must carry it at all times while on-campus. Your MICARD is also how you gain access to buildings on campus, implement your meal plan, and receive discounts locally from insitutions that provide student discounts.  You will receive your MICARD during Orientation. Your Orientation Leader is a great point of contact on the specifics of receiving your MICARD.

When will I find out my classes?

Meeting your academic advisor and receiving your class schedule will take place during Orientation and is one of the most critical aspects of the process. Academic Registration will take place on Friday, August 25th, 2017. More specific information about this will be available when you arrive for Orientation.

How do I stay involved at MICA after Orientation?

The Student Activities Office hosts Orientation and would love to see all students continue to be involved in the college community far after Orientation ends. For more information about Student Organizations, Major Upcoming Events, How to get involved in our Community Art and Service Program, and much much more - be sure to visit the Student Activities Office Page, or visit our office, located right when you walk in to the Meyerhoff House!

I Have a Question About:

Advising/First Year Experience (FYE)

Phone: 410-225-2315
Email: Fyeadvisor@mica.edu


Visit Student Accounts. The Center strives to help students succeed in their chosen career paths by offering a variety of programs, services, and resources.

  • tuition, fees, room, board, financial options and policies and my account
  • information regarding my meal plan, flex points and dining dollars

Phone: 410-225-2356
Email: studentaccounts@mica.edu

Health and Wellness

Visit the Counseling Center (CC). The CC staff will provide an assessment of the problem, collaborate with the student in establishing goals, and offer a thoughtful strategy to achieve these goals.

  • support for an upsetting event, challenges throughout college, difficulty adjusting MICA, emotional crises and mental health concerns
  • developing a positive adjustment to college life

Phone: 410-225-2367
Email: lhaferdippong@mica.edu


Visit MICA Fitness. MICA Fitness is dedicated to providing innovative, fun, and challenging programs to encourage an active healthy lifestyle for artists.

  • working out on campus
  • fitness classes like, Yoga, Zumba, and Aikido at convenient times around my courses and work schedule
  • fitness-related organizations related to active activities such as break dance, ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, and the outdoors club

Phone: 410-225-4951
Email: fitness@mica.edu

Health Services

Visit MICA Student Health Services. From your head to your toes and everything in between, They are here to care for you. MICA Student Health Services by Chase Brexton is open to all students, whether you live on-campus or off.

  • Where to go if I am not feeling well
  • Immunizations/vaccinations, physicals, prescriptions, sick visits, and urgent care (sprains, strains, burns, etc.)
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health services such as routine gynecological exams, STD testing and treatment, contraception education and counseling
  • Walk-in free HIV Testing

Phone: 410-225-4118/410-225-4120
Email: healthservices@mica.edu

Diversity/Inclusion/ Intercultural Development

Visit the Office of Diversity and Intercultural Development. They are based on a philosophy of inclusion and fostering recognition and respect for the voices of all students.

  • issues regarding culture, class, race, gender, sexuality, identity, religion and more
  • safe spaces for me to bring my issues, address my concerns, and obtain direction, information, referrals and mentoring
  • history months, exhibitions, performances, and workshops that explore personal and cultural identity
  • joining an identity based student organization

Phone: 443-552-1659
Email: diversity@mica.edu

International Students/Immigration/Study Abroad

Visit the Office of International Education. The Office of International Education understands the rewards and challenges of crossing cultures and is committed to helping you develop the skills and perspectives they need to live and work in a global community.

  • F-1 immigration policies and procedures, including I-20s, visas, academic requirements, employment regulations, travel, and related matters
  • important immigration, educational, and practical topics
  • information regarding study abroad and exchange programs around the world (Office of Open Studies)

Phone (International Education): 410-225-2243/410-225-2243
Email (International Education): internationaleducation@mica.edu
Phone (Office of Open Studies): 410-225-2219
Email (Office of Open Studies): summertravel@mica.edu

Involvement/Leadership/Community Service & Arts

Visit the Student Activities Office (SAO). SAO is home to more than 30 student organizations, the Student Voice Association (MICA’s student government), and a variety of programs and activities to keep students involved on campus.

  • getting involved on campus
  • joining a student organization
  • where I can meet other students on campus
  • student campus programming
  • leadership and involvement opportunities
  • bringing community service and arts together

Phone: (410) 225-2284
Email: studentactivities@mica.edu

Career Development

Visit the Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development. The Center strives to help students succeed in their chosen career paths by offering a variety of programs, services, and resources.

  • my future career and exploring my options and strategies
  • the aspects of career development for artists, designers, and creative professionals
  • professionally documenting my work

Phone: 410-225-2420
Email: careerdevelopment@mica.edu

Campus Safety

Visit Campus Safety. Campus Safety officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, an off-duty Baltimore City Police officer patrols the campus during the evening hours when classes are in session. Security guards and student monitors at Campus Safety desks near the entrances of most academic buildings are the eyes and ears of MICA.

  • MICA Alert messages (these are alerts regarding emergencies from: tornado, shooting, fire, bomb threat, police emergency, etc.)
  • transportation assistance
  • MICA parking passes
  • escort services
  • evening shuttles between campus buildings

Phone (non-emergencies): 410-225-2355
24-Hours Dispatch: 410-225-2245
Emergency Dispatch: 443-423-3333

Student Conduct

Visit Student Conduct. Students at MICA are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct and show respect for personal and College property and for the rights of their fellow students, faculty, and staff.

  • policies, procedures, and regulations at MICA

Eating on Campus

Visit Dining Services. MICA partners with Parkhurst Dining Services to operate 4 dining facilities on campus: Meyerhoff House's Dining Hall, Nancy, Java Corner, and Cafe Doris.

  • places I can use my meal plan at MICA
  • the hours for all dining options at MICA

Supplies/MICA apparel

Visit the MICA Store. The MICA Store is located at 1200 W. Mount Royal Avenue. It is open Monday-Thursday 8:30am-8pm, Fridays 8:30am-5pm, and Saturdays and Sunday 12-6pm. The funds raised through the store are given back to the MICA students through scholarships and improvements to the College.

  • materials/supplies and textbooks for class
  • MICA apparel and accessories
  • student and alumni made art, books, and jewelry available for sale

Phone: 410-225-2276
Email: store@mica.edu

Transportation and Parking

Visit Transportation and Parking. MICA Transportation offers free services for students to assist with their transportation needs. All services operate during the academic school year.

  • ways to get around MICA and Baltimore

Email: transportation@mica.edu

This page was last updated on 08/10/2017.