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a-b-c-d Thousands of eBooks Are Here

The Library's newest 100,000+ titles are electronic and portable

Posted 02.23.15 by Katherine Cowan

 Did you know that the Decker Library has an eBook collection that consists of 100,000+ titles, with more than 1000 new titles added quarterly?

These come by subscription via the EBSCO Academic eBook collection, and all are accessible through the Library Catalog, for reading from any location!

One can also access, through the catalog, eBooks that are included with several of our subscription databases: Berg Fashion Library, Art Source, and the Credo Reference Library. Lastly, the catalog now includes hundreds of open-access eBooks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Getty Publications Virtual Library. All of these resources are accessible thanks to the efforts of the Decker Library cataloger, Kelly Swickard.

When you conduct a search in the catalog and find eBooks among the results, look for an "electronic access" link in the catalog record to read those titles online. For subscription resources, you will need to log in for off-campus access.

The EBSCO Academic eBooks can also be downloaded for reading off-line on a Mac or PC; click here for an information page, and email refer@mica.edu to request assistance in setting this up. The open-access eBooks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and from the Getty are also available to download as PDF files.

Here is a sampling of titles that are currently available. Click on the links below to begin reading.

- From the EBSCO Academic eBook Collection:

 Art and palace politics in early modern Japan, 1580s-1680s / by Elizabeth Lillehoj.
Agnès Varda : interviews / edited by T. Jefferson Kline.
Beyond sinology : Chinese writing and the scripts of culture / Andrea Bachner.
Beyond the cyborg: adventures with Donna Haraway / Margret Grebowicz and Helen Merrick ; with a "seed bag" by Donna Haraway.
Chasing sound: technology, culture, and the art of studio recording from Edison to the LP / Susan Schmidt Horning.
The collected poems of Jean Toomer / edited by Robert B. Jones and Margery Toomer Latimer ; with an introduction and textual notes by Robert B. Jones.
Culinary reactions : the everyday chemistry of cooking / Simon Quellen Field.
Design and anthropology/ edited by Wendy Gunn, Jared Donovan.
Design by Use: The Everyday Metamorphosis of Things
Doing democracy : activist art and cultural politics / edited by Nancy S. Love and Mark Mattern.
Ethnomimesis: folklife and the representation of culture / Robert Cantwell.
French slanguage: a fun visual guide to French terms and phrases / Mike Ellis.

 - From the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Cuneiform Texts in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Volume I: Tablets, Cones, and Bricks of the Third and Second Millennia B.C. / ed. Ira Spar

 - From Getty Publications Virtual Library: Cyprus Before the Bronze Age: Art of the Chalcolithic Period

 - From Berg Fashion Library: Dress and Ethnicity: Change Across Space and Time / ed. Joanne B. Eicher

 - From Art Source: Chromophobia / by David Batchelor

 - From Credo Reference: The Qur'an / translated into English by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Image information:
Cover of Cyprus Before the Bronze Age: Art of the Chalcolithic Period, an open-access eBook title from Getty Publications Virtual LIbrary.