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Word Play

This exhibition shows off the most fun with words we have to offer!

Posted 03.04.13 by Marianne Sade

A WORD TO THE WISE or...In Other Words... 

According to lore the month of March can come in "like a lion" - or- "like a lamb"
but at Decker Library

...it comes in like a jabberwocky
...like Flynn
...like Runny Babbit
...like a Phantom (as in Tollbooth)

If you are an aficionado of word play (or would like to be) you will delight in this month's evocative exhibit in the disPLAY cases at Decker Library. Diversity is the WORD. Words. The library is resplendent with them! What makes this exhibit so special then? Words as art. Art as words. Art with words. Words as information, form, writing, as building blocks, nomenclature, chiseled, lettered, splattered and spoken. Seuss, Beckett, Kruger and Kerouac. Words to transform as well as, be transformed have inspired a trio of curatorial collaborators (namely, Rachel Beckman, Marianne Sade and Mary Alessi) to pluck an assortment of both playful and serious materials from their shelves and splay them at once in unclassified order.

Serendipity sizzles in the shape of typography, calligraphy and calligraffiti, amglish, poetry, rap, even sentence diagrams. Artists-made books that take the form of words, words take the shape of books. Etymology, old words, new words, silly words, true words. Films featuring words. Words inspiring books, books with inspiring words that just might expergefy new thoughts in you, viewer. What words do come to your mind when you see this? Let us know! You can share if you like, on our Facebook page or in person.

The exhibition features WORD-worthy books from the Decker Library's circulating collection as well as from The Cage (special collections) and the Media Resources Collection (MRC) and will run from March 4-March 28, 2013. 

Circulation policy for books on exhibit:
Circulating books on display in the museum cases may be put on hold at any time during the week, and are available for checkout on Friday. Please see a staff member at the circulation desk to request a book from the cases. Video titles, when available, may be checked out at any time from the MRC.

For books on display from Special Collections (Cage), please see a reference librarian.

Image information:
Thumbnail on library homepage: from Sister Bernadette's barking dog by Kitty Florey
This page: The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster



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