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We Have Snowflakes

... and Other Design Ideas -- Many Copyright-Free!

Posted 01.12.11 by Katherine Cowan

People, animals, natural motifs, food & drink, fashion, machines, sports, music, and more 

The Decker Library's Dover Series Index is a convenient way to browse or search among the Dover Art series books in the Library collection. Because these books are catalogued by their specific subjects, they are scattered throughout the Library, in both Circulating and Reference areas. Each index entry shows two images from each book, usually a view of the cover and a sample interior page.

The Dover Art books contain a diversity of authentic royalty-free imagery from various historical eras. Many images are copyright-free or specify limited use. The subjects are varied:people, food & drink, vehicles, machines, sports, music, animals, and more. Some contain design motifs from specific cultures or stylistic periods, including alphabets and ornamentation.

You can either browse all of the titles visually - they are listed alphabetically - or do a keyword search. Use the link that's included with each book listed to check the availability of the book within the Decker Library before going to find the book on the shelf.

Click here to use the Dover Series Index, on-campus or off-campus.