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WICV Explores Question of ‘What Is Radio’ While Teaching Business Skills

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Posted 07.15.10 by Juxtapositions Editors

Neil Sanzgiri ’11

Recent alumni Zack Genin ’10 and Amber Moyles ’10 along with seniors Neil Sanzgiri ’11, Graham Wimbrow ’11, and Max Guy ’11 are pioneering the exploration of “what is radio?” through WICV, a student- and volunteer-based Internet radio station broadcasting live from MICA. Led by interdisciplinary sculpture faculty member Benjamin Luzzatto, MICA students, alongside local radio enthusiasts, are working to build a new platform for freeform radio, viewing the station as a “limitless sculptural medium.”

The lead organizers say the station has not only allowed them to examine and question radio from an artist’s perspective but to learn broader, practical matters such as starting a business, planning events, working through unexpected setbacks, and proposing projects. “The skills and energies of all five of us helped make this happen,” Moyles said.

LISTEN: WYPR interview with two of WICV's founders.

WICV is meant to be a great platform not only for the student body, but also the general public. The organizers want to bring the station literally to the Baltimore community by broadcasting at events around the city including art openings and concerts. “It’s so nice to have a place to talk and have it be shared,” Genin said. “Yet it’s intimate.”

Since its launch in March 2010, the station has been expanding its DJ base of weekly show hosts, including artists, musicians, and designers from MICA and the Baltimore community. WICV’s programming runs the gamut from experimental music, art reviews, and local and underground music to talk radio, and narrative and dramatic writing. Past interviews with visiting artists have included sculptor and community artist Mel Chin, Israeli documentarian Dan Geva, as well as author and professor Allen S. Weiss.

At the end of the 2009/10 school year, WICV Radio received MICA’s senior class gift, a grant that can help fund the creation of a more permanent studio space at the College. The organizers also hope to host fundraisers with live musical performances and radio segments at the College this fall to help support the growing station’s aspirations.

Listeners can tune in to WICV at radio.mica.edu.

Image caption: Neil Sanzgiri '11 broadcasting live from WICV.