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Three MICA Alumni Awarded Fulbright Grants for the 2013-2014 Year

MICA congratulates alumni awarded Fulbright Study/Research Grants and shares their proposals for worldwide research opportunities

Posted 06.15.13 by MICA Communications

Adejoke Tugbiyele, "Water Go Find Enemy," 2013, perforated metal (woven), palm stems, brass wire and copper wire.

BALTIMORE - Shana Hoehn '13 (painting), Adejoke Tugbiyele '13 (Rinehart School of Sculpture), and Aaron Chung '13 (painting) have recently been awarded a Fulbright Study/Research Grant for the 2013-2014 year. The U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is providing these three alumni the opportunity to travel to their prospective countries to expand research in their chosen fields.

Hoehn, will use her grant to spend 10 months in Oaxaca, Mexico to study Installation Art. Hoehn, who received her bachelor's in fine arts at MICA, will be partnering with the Museo Textil de Oaxaca and the Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) in Mexico as she works on her project, Domestic Alters and Their Roles in the Daily Lives of Women.

"I will create site-specific installations in response to home alters in the daily lives of Mexican women," explained Hoehn.

Through her travels in Oaxaca, Mexico City, and Teotitlán del Valle, alter-makers will be invited to share their processes for creating domestic installations as Hoehn examines the relationship between folk art and contemporary art of Mexico.

"This project will celebrate women's autonomy and merge fine art with popular art by taking advantage of the rich cultural hybridity of Mexico," said Hoehn.

Hoehn was able to meet with MICA professors who helped her prepare for her Fulbright experience. "Many professors at MICA played a vital role in the development of my project," said Hoehn.

Through the various resources she has been provided with at MICA and the interest in furthering her studies in Installation Art, Hoehn is hoping this trip will provide her with intriguing experiences and future research opportunities.

"I hope some of my interests will be clarified and that this project will serve as a model for continual community engagement," said Hoehn.

Another Fulbright award has been given to Tugbiyele, who will be traveling to Nigeria to study Sculpture. Tugbiyele's project, Art and Spirituality in Nigeria, uses a combination of drawing, sculpture, and film to depict the everyday practices of the residents of Lagos, Nigeria.

"I will be lecturing students and making art at institutions like the Modern Day School of the Arts, while collaborating with art organizations and galleries across Lagos on exhibition opportunities," explained Tugbiyele.

Tugbiyele feels the direct counseling she received at MICA during her application processes helped her secure her grant. "I very much appreciate the direct counseling I received from MICA through this process. By working directly with Erin Tracey and MICA's Career Development office, I was able to get one-on-one guidance on the application process, my portfolio and essay submissions," said Tugbiyele.

She is very confident in the benefits this trip will have on furthering her artistic abilities and providing her with useful practice. "I have no doubt that this opportunity will strengthen my art practice both thematically and formally for years to come," said Tugbiyele.

In addition to Hoehn and Tugbiyele, Chung was also awarded a Fulbright Research Grant and will be traveling to South Korea to study Painting and Calligraphy. Chung will be examining Asian calligraphy and symbols as well as the wildlife, plants, and natural landscapes of Korean art in his project, South Korea: Reflection on Korean Painting and Calligraphy. Chung will spend 10 months in Korea with the majority of his time in Incheon and Seoul, two cities located in the Gyeungi Province. He will be studying at the Gogum Art Institute with Korean artist Seo Joo Sun as he learns about both Chinese and Korean calligraphy. Chung chose to work in Korea because it is his country of origin and he is interested in its adaption of Chinese philosophy and artistic technique and how it has become a part of its own natural environment and society.

"By the end of my project, I would like to be able to offer a new outlook in Korean art that is both referential to the culture and meaningful to a contemporary audience," said Chung.

MICA has been repeatedly listed as a top producer of Fulbright Fellows among specialty schools by the Chronicle of Higher Education and was ranked No. 1 in 2008-09 and in 2012-13.

Recent Fulbright winners have included Trevor Amery '05 (painting), Rita Crocker '06 (painting), Katie Vota '10 (fiber), Jenny Mullins '09 (Hoffberger School of Painting ), Ellyn Stokes '10 (printmaking), Elizabeth "Lizzy" Brooks '10 (M.F.A. in Photographic and Electronic Media), photography faculty member Lynn Silverman, Katie Dervishi '09 (painting), Andrea Chung '08 (Mount Royal School of Art), Rachel Faller '08 (fiber), Kathryn Dambach '07 (painting), Michael Sandstrom '07 (Mount Royal), Rose Cromwell '05 (photography), Eric Dyer '04 (Mount Royal), Iris Litwin '04 (printmaking), Nathlie Provosty '04 (painting), Marcus Ahlers '02 (Rinehart School of Sculpture), Rita Natarova '02 (painting), Andrea Skyberg '00 (fiber), Joanna Schwarz '99 (Hoffberger School of Painting), Christine Petersen '98 (general fine arts) Paul Gregg '95 (Rinehart School of Sculpture), and Thomas Xenakis '98 (Hoffberger).

For further information about the Fulbright Programs, please visit http://eca.state.gov/fulbright.

Image caption: Adejoke Tugbiyele, Water Go Find Enemy, 2013, perforated metal (woven), palm stems, brass wire and copper wire.