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The Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Photographic History Department intern

Sarah Dansberger ’11 (drawing)

Posted 04.01.11 by MICA communications

Sarah Dansberger '11
Found internship ...

through a History of Photography course at MICA, taught by Shannon Perich, the under associate curator of the collection.


I was excited to consider the possibility of working closely with artifacts in the Smithsonian's collection and with the professional curators, researchers, historians, and photographers working at the museum.


I was introduced to archival housing and documentation, artifact handling techniques and procedures, and research reports to describe the collection's relevance and importance to the museum.


Each day at the museum offered opportunities to learn from fascinating individuals and the histories engrained in the physical objects themselves. Every day at the museum was exciting. I was continuously in contact with a captivating variety of professionals, curators, researchers, photographers, historians, fellows, and other interns. Perich was an inspirational teacher, mentor, scholar, and individual.

Lessons learned:

The National Museum of American History is made up of a professional community of experts in their respective fields. Their standards challenged and inspired me to develop a similar kind of positive work ethic and practice which I could apply to other jobs in the future.