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Periodical Treasures

Seldom-seen publications are on view

Posted 04.02.13 by Rachel Beckman '11

The center of this exhibition is Aspen, the "magazine-in-a-box" 

The periodicals are the first thing you see when you spot the library walking in to Bunting, and any tour guide will be quick to point out that the rest of the library is actually in the basement.

What you may not know is that tucked away in The Cage (our room for Special Collections) there is an entirely different world of periodicals seldom perused, which are on exhibit this month.

Several of our periodicals, such as Contemporary or the Journal of Artists' Books, arrive with supplementary materials like posters and prints -- others come with CDs. We have also showcased older and more unique publications: magazines and foreign journals dating back to the early 20th century.

The center of this exhibition is Aspen, the "magazine-in-a-box" that falls into a category all its own. Founded in 1965 by Phyllis Johnson, Aspen tackled culture through a unique sensory experience. Each issue, published with varying themes and with a new designer and editor per issue, arrived in a box containing everything from prints, essays, records, and films. Although the magazine closed in 1971 after only 10 issues (including the double issue 5 and 6 and the supplementary 6a), it remains a curious and important piece of publication history (see www.ubu.com/aspen for more information).

Aspen was generously donated to the Decker Library by Michael Iampieri '89.

This exhibition will run from March 29-April 25, 2013.



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