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Off-Campus July Events and Exhibitions Spotlight the MICA Community

MICA community members exhibit their work in the month of July.

Posted 07.01.11 by mica communications

Philip Koch, "From Day to Night," oil on canvas, 2011

Members of the MICA community have their work showcased in exhibitions off-campus in July 2011. Here are highlights (check back frequently as this will be continuously updated):


 Genus SpeciesChristine Neill,
On view May 25- July 15, Goya Contemporary , 3000 Chestnut Ave.
MICA connection: Christine Neill '71 (Hoffberger)
Genus Species showcases Neill's newest works and watercolors. She explores the intersectionality of plants with the human world, focusing her watercolors on emotion and psychological effect.  



Motion Study
On view through July 15, Goya Contemporary, 3000 Chestnut Ave.
MICA connection: Paul Daniels '75 (Rinehart)

Once Upon a Time
On view through July 23, Jordan Faye  Contemporary, 1401 Light St.
MICA connection: Janna Rice '95 (Photography)
•Rice's photography is an examination of stereotype and myth, calling attention to the fracture between personal identity and accepted gender roles, while suggesting the repetitive simplicity of daily life through the placement of mass-produced objects alongside natural forms. These tableaus often include mythic symbolism and refer to social context. They suggest identification with cultural identity through the use of inconsequential objects as metaphor. These observations reflect on the ever-increasing divisions within our pluralistic culture and are juxtaposed with our connection to nature and biology.

 Exposed: An Artscape Network Exhibition
On view July 14- July 30, opening reception July 16 6-8 p.m. The Creative Alliance, Amalie Rothschild Gallery, 3134 Eastern Ave.
MICA connections: curator Michelle Gomez, Trevor Amery '05 (Painting), Heather Boaz '03 (Mt. Royal), Milana Braslavsky '05 (Painting), Magnolia Laurie '07 (Mt. Royal), Sebastian Martorana '08 (Rinehart), Lynn Palewicz '99 (General Fine Arts) & 00 (M.A. in Teaching), Alessandra Torres '02 (General Fine Arts)
• The works in this exhibition are autobiographical, through which the artists explore their inner feelings, body language, expressions and identities.  

Things Fall Apart
On view through August 6, The Gallery at CCBC Catonsville, 800 South Rolling Rd.
MICA connections: Lauren Boilini '08 (Mount Royal), Jessica Braiterman, Magnolia Laurie '07 (Mount Royal), Katherine Mann '09 (Hoffberger School of Painting), Bart O'Reilly
An Artscape extension, this show features works representing the emotion within fragmented forms.

On view July 9- August 13, Opening Reception July 14, 7-9 p.m., Subbasement Artist Studios
MICA connections: Jennifer Tam '12 (Art History and Painting), Aaron Chung '13 (Painting), Matthew Janson '09 (Mount Royal), James Rieck '87, '03 (Mount Royal), Magnolia Laurie '07 (Mount Royal),  Marisa Rand '10 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture)
• Wunderkammer
, based on the Cabinets of Curiosities in Renaissance Europe, investigates mankind's increasingly complex relationship to the world around us in nature and each other. While the 17th-century man was easily able to categorize various artifacts from around the world into naturalia and artificialia, respectively the wonders of nature and the works of man, Wunderkammer questions what that encyclopedic approach would look like in the 21st century, and if it is even still feasible.

Young Blood
On view June 29-August 27, artists' talk and reception June 29 6-8 p.m., Maryland Art Place, 8 Market Place #100
MICA connections: Jesse Burrowes '05 (Sculpture), Jill Fannon '04 (GFA), Adam Junior '11 (Rinehart), Linling Lu '08 (Painting), '11 (Hoffberger), Sarah McNeil '11 (Mount Royal), Wung Ting Wendy Tai '11 (Rinehart)
Young Blood features the work of recent MFA graduates from all around the Maryland area. The showcase will feature an exhibition of works, as well as performance art projects.

Material Girls: Contemporary Black Women Artists
On view February 12-October 16, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, 830 E. Pratt St.
MICA connection: Chakaia Booker (acting director of Rinhart School of Sculpture), Maren Hassinger (director of Rinehart, on sabbatical), and Joyce J. Scott '70
Material Girls celebrates accomplished women artists whose sculptures, installations and mixed-media assemblages incorporate both traditional and unexpected art-making materials. Using hair, beads, tissue paper, rubber tires, plastic and other materials, the artists craft provocative forms and intricate surfaces that play on unique cultural meanings, personal memories and social agendas.

On view July 10- August 27, Tinges Commons at Mirkwood Estates, 687 East 33rd Street
MICA connection: Graham Coreil-Allen '10 (Mt. Royal), Joshua Wade Smith '10 (Mt. Royal)
• Vistaflow showcases a permanent social sculpture by two MICA alumni, as well as a temporary painting installation by artist Ryan Neely.

Baltimore: Open City Pop-Up Shop
On view for the month of July, noon- 5 p.m., 104 Park Avenue (Downtown Baltimore)
The pop-up shop is an extension of our Spring, 2011 exhibition about segregation and access to opportunity in Baltimore. It will feature new work alongside work from the Spring, 2011 exhibition. Free exhibition catalogs and other takeaways will be available.



On view through Aug. 19, Montpelier Arts Center, 9652 Muirkirk Rd.
MICA connection: Alexa Brooks '05 (Mount Royal)
Drawings showcase Brooks' graphite drawings of windows, curtains and other objects through which she blends concepts of photorealism with qualites of hand-drawn work.


Vision, Color, Light and AirBarbara Epstein Gruber,
On view June 9- August 26, Opening Reception June 9 5 - 7 p.m., Chesapeake Arts Center, 194 Hammonds Lane
MICA connection: Barbara Epstein Gruber '97 (Painting)
• Gruber's paintings utilize light, color, air and touch to interpret the experience of painting. She paints en plein air, directly from life outdoors using the placement of colors to create a harmonious relationship. Our eyes see pieces of color and shape to create an abstract vision of nature. However you view her work, Barbara creates a peaceful sense of local recognition to some of our favorite places.


Delicate Visions: Rebecca Clark, Joanna Barnum and Elaine Brandes
On view May 17-July 30, Free Artists Reception, June 3, 5-7 p.m., Irvine Nature Center, 11201 Garrison Forest Road
MICA connection: Joanna Barnum '06
•Created in a rather unusual way along with her romantic images of wildlife, Barnum's portraits depict biologists who made contributions to natural history. For more details, please visit explorenature.org


Academy 2011
On view July 9- August 22, Conner Contemporary, 1358 Florida Ave. NE
MICA connections: Linling Lu '11 (Hoffberger), Ginny Huo '11 (Rinehart), Adam Junior '11 (Rinehart), Virginia Wagner '11 (Hoffberger), Melissa Prentki '11 (Photography), Dan Gioia '11 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture), Camilo Sanin '11 (Hoffberger), WooJin Chang '11 (Mt. Royal), Caroline Covington '12 (Rinehart), Elle Perez '11 (Photography) and Libby Landauer '11 (Painting).
• 11th annual invitational survey of outstanding work by MFA/BFA students in the Washington/Baltimore area. Out of the 19 artists selected, 11 are MICA alumni or current students. Other representing institutions in the show include American University, Corcoran College of Art and Design, George Washington University and the University of Maryland.

Fellows Converge: Broadly Thinking
On view through August 6, Hamiltonian Gallery, 1353 U Street NW
MICA connections: Ryan Hoover '06 (Mt. Royal), Magnolia Laurie '07 (Mt. Royal) and Elena Volkova '02, 07 (Photography, MFA in Studio Art)
• This exhibition asked the artist to investigate the work of two other Fellows in an attempt to focus their work on questions of originality, self-assessment and comparative analysis.


Planning Process: Drawings and Finished Works
On view through September 25, Arlington Arts Center, 3550 Wilson Blvd.
MICA connections: Andrew Wodzianski '02 (Hoffberger), Magnolia Laurie '07 (Mt. Royal) and Jessie Lehson '02, ‘08 (General Fine Arts, Rinehart)
• Juror Helen Allen, co-director of (e)merge art fair, opening this September, selected 12 artists from across the mid-Atlantic region who were willing to reveal the ways they think and problem-solve in the studio.


Unbroken Thread: The Art of Philip Koch
On view July 23- October 2, Opening Reception July 22 5:30- 7:30- p.m., Peninsula Fine Arts Center, 101 Museum Drive
MICA connection: Faculty Member Philip Koch
•The eight museum national traveling exhibition of vividly colored landscapes by  MICA Faculty Member Philip Koch (Drawing, Foundation) will be the featured show this summer in PFAC's largest galleries. Organized by the University of Maryland University College, the show traces the links between contemporary color oriented painting and the romantic tradition of 19th century American panoramic landscape.


Fractal Art

On view through October 10, Portland International Airport, Concourse B
MICA connection: Sara McCormick '05
•This artist uniquely creates digital art through the use of mathematical formulas to imitate prototypes that can be seen in nature such as leaves and snowflakes.
For more information visit, portofportland.com


Annual Members Juried: Duets

On view for May 6-August 14, Carole Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery, Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, 200 South Madison Street
MICA connection: Nicole Lenzi ‘07
•This exhibit, featuring the work of fourteen artists honors intimate, one-on-one relationships by inviting viewers into a dialogue created by each pair of individuals through their creation of two works. The paired works in Duets jump start and enhance our imaginations about the non-static process of creating intimacy with people, places, and things.

Perception/Deception: Illusion in Contemporary Art
On view through September 25, Delaware Museum of Art, 2301 Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington, DE
MICA connection: Chul-Hyun Ahn '02 (Mount Royal)
•This four person exhibition explores a recent trend that questions the sense of signt and our perceptions of the world around us. Through the use of shadow play, lights, mirrors, and complex mathematical equations, artists create paintings and sculptures that underscore the tension between appearance and reality. These visually-engaging works of art move past earlier traditions of realism such as trompe l'oeil painting, Photorealism, and hyper-realistic sculpture and challenge the idiom, "seeing is believing."t


On view July 16 6-9 p.m., 500 Bay Avenue, second floor
MICA connection: Jim Inzero '96 (interior architecture and design)



A Portrait Apart
On view through Sept. 10, Porter Contemporary, 548 West 28th St.
MICA connection: Jason Bryant '04 (Mount Royal)
A Portrait Apart combines the works of artists which span six countries and seven U.S. states, giving a diverse overview of what portraiture means today through paintings, photographs, watercolors and mixed media. Each artist, although around the globe from one another, is only a portrait apart. While portraiture in general is deeply rooted in tradition and often considered a conservative art form, artists today are not confining themselves to these limitations. Portraiture is taking on an idea or concept of something, perhaps not even a person, and manifesting that idea in a more abstract fashion.

On view through July 16, Lyons Wier Gallery, 542 W. 24th St. & 175 Seventh Ave
MICA connection: James Rieck '87, '03 (Mount Royal)
•Artist James Rieck uses the T-shirt as a blank slate for self-expression. This group exhibit will feature 22 artists all giving their fresh and innovative interpretations of art.

Wax Apple
On view June 11- July 17, Bodega Gallery, 253 North 3rd. St.
MICA connection: Alyse Ronayne '08 (Printmaking), Collin Hatton '08 (Painting)
Wax Apple showcases the work of 16 artists as they explore the intricacies of relationships with objects.

Six Rooms
On view through Aug. 6, Friedman Benda, 515 West 26th St.
MICA connection: Andrew Blaize Bovasso '09 (Photography)

A Desert in the Ocean
On view through August 19, Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchart Street
MICA connection: Colette Robbins '03 (painting) and Micah Ganske '03 (Post-Bacc)
An exhibition of works resulting from a convergence of Irish and American artists and writers in retreat on the remote coast of Co Kerry.


Philip Koch: Contemporary Landscape Paintings
On view July 1- August 14, Carbon County Cultural Project, 268 W. Broadway
MICA connection: faculty member Philip Koch
Philip Koch: Contemporary Landscape Paintings uses oil paintings to focus on the vitality of the natural world.


On view through July 20, University of New England Art Gallery, 716 Stevens Ave
MICA connection:  Wade Zahares '83 (Graphic Design and Illustration)
will feature the work of over 100 artists from across the country. The pieces showcased are represented among three groups- wildlife, farm animals, and pets. The sculptures and paitnings shown will cover a variety of messages and representations of critters as they effect human lives. 


 Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids
On view February 26-August 7, Fernbank Museum of Natural History
MICA connection: Takeshi Yamada '85
• A documentary video of Takeshi Yamada and his rogue taxidermy artworks (such as 32-foot giant sea serpent, 4-foot mermaid, sea rabbit, etc.), which was created by the American Museum of Natural History, is a part of the international traveling exhibition.


On view July 2-October 9, Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College, 1000 Hold Ave
MICA connection: E. Brady Robinson '93 (Photography)
In Transfer, Robinson combines mobile image capture with the concept of the psychogeographic drift. Psychogeography is "the study of precise laws and specific effects of geographic environments, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals" coined by French Theorist Guy Debord. The installation is a mapping of geography encountered at home and abroad. The artist's exploration of the formal qualities of the snapshot is met with rigorous editing and purposeful sequencing culled from over 1,000's of images. The exhibition is a deliberate re-contextualization of sequential shots and describes a territory where the social/cultural landscape, personal experience and pure aesthetics meet. This presentation of thirty photographic images is dynamic and site-specific, designed by the artist herself.


Interconnected: The Sculptures of Yvonne Domenge
On view through October 2012, Millennium Park, N. Michigan Ave. & E. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL
MICA connection: Curated by Lucas Cowan '03 (Fibers)
• Chicago's Millennium Park will come alive this season with four large-scale sculptures by the acclaimed Mexican artist Yvonne Domenge gracing the Park's Boeing Galleries from April 6, 2011 through October 2012. Framing the dramatic art and architecture of the Park, Interconnected: The Sculptures of Yvonne Domenge will enhance one of Chicago's most popular public spaces-Millennium Park. Admission to the Park and the exhibition is free.

On view through August 15, Johalla Projects, N. 1561 Milwaukee Ave
MICA connection: Jenny Kendler '02, '06 (General Fine Arts, MFA in Fine Art)


Contemporary Figurative Work
On view through August 1, Gallery 924, 924 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN
MICA connection: Jennifer Tam '12 (Painting)
An exhibition of select central Indiana artists who explore the human figure.

Nature Studies
On view through July 29, Carmel Clay Public Library, 55 4th Ave Southeast, Carmel, IN
MICA connection: Jennifer Tam '12 (Painting)
• A solo exhibition of watercolor paintings by Jennifer Tam as studies of the natural world.


Unresolved Circumstance: Video Art from Latin America
On view through August 28, Museum of Latin American Art, 628 Alamitos Ave.
MICA connection: Donna Conlon '02 (Rinehart)
Unresolved Circumstance features videos from established and emerging artists which aim to explore issues common to Latin America. The films showcased interwine the past and the future of society in Latin America in an attempt to gain clarity in history.


Cottage Tulip
On view through July 31, Legacy Fine Art, 804 Central Ave.
MICA connection: Robert V.P. Davis '62 (Painting)


If you would like to be included on this or subsequent-month listings, please e-mail the exhibition information to news@mica.edu.

Image caption: Philip Koch, From Day to Night, oil on canvas, 2011.