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Now Showing: MFAST Community Featured in Events & Exhibitions, December 2011 & January 2012

Students, Faculty and Alumni Exhibiting in December & January

Posted 12.27.11 by The Center for Art Education

"Five Feet Under" by Fritz Horstman

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh: 101st Annual Exhibition

On view through December 18, Society of Contemporary Craft, 2100 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA

MICA CONNECTION: Charlotte Ka '98 (MFA Studio Art)
The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) is celebrating 101 years as a driving force in Pittsburgh's dynamic cultural life with the presentation of its 101st Annual Exhibition, showcasing the work of Pittsburgh regional artists. With a focus on works created within the intersection of contemporary art, craft and design, this year's exhibition has being juried by Fo Wilson, a maker, educator, independent curator and writer from Chicago, Illinois.

Five Feet Under the Surface of a Pond
On view December 9-23, 2011, Soapbox Gallery, 636 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY
MICA CONNECTION: Fritz Horstman (MFAST '11)
Two bodies of work are presented. The photographs were taken with an underwater camera and represent the change in the physical conditions within a pond over the course of an entire year. The sculptures are sections of trees from which specific rings have been removed, and then filled with a foreign material. Horstman explores the underlying principles of how human culture is constructed, and how it relates to the natural systems that are in place.

Strange Magic
On view December 9, 2011-January 21, 2012, Guest Spot, 1826 Fleet Street, Baltimore, MD
As protesters congregate in cities around the world, it's clear that economic and political frustrations are cresting, and many people long for change. Common access to tools and media allows new perceptions to grow and kindles the desire for collective and individual empowerment. Four artists with divergent practices wave their magic wands to create transformations of all kinds. Embracing wonder and surprise, they challenge reality through interventions to everyday life, shift perspectives through adaptations to architecture and space, and question what is malleable by attempting transformations of the self. There will be a closing artist brunch held on Saturday, January 21 1- 5 pm.

Fritz Horstman
On view January 6-29, 2012, Hillyer Art Space's NIN9 Gallery, 9 Hillyer Court NW, Washington, DC,
MICA CONNECTION: Fritz Horstman (MFAST '11)
Fritz Horstman creates devices and methods that allow him to focus on very quiet moments within a larger ecological system: simple tools that are constructed plainly. Horstman focuses on aspects that on are fragile and poetic. "They are everywhere and nowhere, and so I construct tools to bring them into focus, " Horstman explains. The exhibition features sculptures, photos, and some new video work. There will be a reception from 6-9 pm on January 6.

Memoria (Memory)
On view through March 25, 2012, Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago, IL
MICA CONNECTIONBibiana Suarez (Faculty, MFA in Studio Art)
Memoria (Memory)
is the first major exhibition of artwork by Bibiana Suárez in 10 years. The midcareer Chicago-based artist has worked diligently since 2005 on this provocative series of 108 mixed media paintings that borrow the format of the pair-matching Memory game to discuss the "latinization" of U.S. culture. The exhibition applies the idea of memory and placement in the card game to the demographic patterns of Latinos in the U.S. and the political issues that surround the history of their immigration here. Suarez attempts to call the public to "play," "remember," "concentrate," and ultimately learn about and interact with those interwoven histories through this epic body of artwork.

2011 Factory Installed
On view through May 2012, The Mattress Factory, 500 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA
MICA CONNECTION: Natalia Gonzalez (MFAST '11)
Six international artists, including Natalia Gonzalez from Bolivia, were chosen from 600 artist-submitted portfolios to work in residence at the Mattress Factory in September and October to create works for an exhibition on view from October 28 to February 26, 2012.