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New RSS Feeds Available for News on MICA.edu

Subscribe to an audience-specific MyMICA news feed or a general news feed

Posted 08.21.09 by MICA Web Team

There are now several pages on MICA.edu with RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feeds enabled: News, Student MyMICA, Faculty MyMICA, Staff MyMICA, Alumni MyMICA, and Parent MyMICA. These RSS feeds are here to make it more convenient for users to receive news from MICA by allowing them to include the College's news feeds in their compiled feed kept by an RSS reader. The use of an RSS reader provides users with a centralized location to view content from as many RSS-enabled Web sites as they want. With the advent of these RSS feeds, everyone who is interested in MICA news can include it in their own personalized selections of online content collected by an RSS reader.

If you are interested in adding a MICA RSS feed to your RSS reader, scroll to the bottom of an RSS-enabled page and click on the link to the RSS feed. If you are new to RSS and want to learn more, click the "What is RSS?" link next to the RSS feed link on the News or MyMICA pages. That link will direct you to a listing of which pages have RSS and an explanation of RSS and RSS readers.

The addition of these feeds marks the first time that RSS has been featured on MICA.edu. The launch of these first six feeds covers a wide range of content on MICA.edu, but more feeds may arrive in the future based on feedback from the MICA community. To discuss an RSS feed you are interested in seeing on MICA.edu, please use the Web Feedback Form. Likewise, if you encounter any problems with an RSS feed or have constructive criticism regarding the selection of content on an RSS feed, you may also use the Web Feedback Form to express those concerns.

If you are interested in learning more about the MICA Web Team's current efforts to improve the MICA.edu experience, semi-daily updates are available on the MICA Web Twitter. RSS feeds are also available on all Twitter profiles, so you may use Twitter as another route for MICA-related RSS. To view a list of MICA Twitter accounts, visit Find Us Elsewhere on the Web.

MICA.edu continues to evolve and grow as the Web Team responds to visitor feedback and add new functionality and content. The arrival of RSS feeds on MICA.edu is only one goal of many the Web Team aims to accomplish as MICA develops an online presence that strives to meet all users' needs.