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Malcolm Rio Presents Reseach at Architectures, Natures, & Data: The Politics of Environments Conference

Rio and Aaron Tobey presented the paper, "Bias by Design: The limits of sustainability and citizenship in Smart Cities".

Posted 07.26.17

Malcolm Rio (AICAD Teaching Fellow, MICA) and Aaron Tobey presented at the conference Architectures, Natures, & Data: The Politics of Environments hosted by the Estonian Academy of Arts, April 20-23, 2017. The conference aimed to create an unplugged, unceremonious setting for in-depth inquiries into the environmental politics of architectures, natures, and data. 

Their paper, Bias by Design: The limits of sustainability and citizenship in Smart Cities, explores "Smart Cities" and the issues with their use of "Big Data" as a planning tool.

"Smart Cities," urban agglomerations whose institutions of management are predicated on the collection/analysis of data to ensure the efficient flow of capital, are proliferating across the globe as a means for entering and perpetuating existing neoliberal spatial organizations (NSOs). As these schemes become the predominant form of global development, it is imperative to address issues of voice: Who counts? Who is counted? And to what ends?

Architectures, Natures, & Data was organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia in cooperation with the Department of Geography, Cambridge University, UK. For more information about the conference, including a link to the abstract for Rio and Tobey's paper, visit http://architecturesnaturesdata.com/.

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