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MICA @ NAEA Convention

Many members of the MICA community are invited to present research at the annual NAEA convention.

Posted 03.26.08 by MICA Media Relations

Many members of the MICA community are invited to present research at the annual NAEA convention. This is the world's largest art education convention and provides substantive professional development services that include the advancement of knowledge for the purpose of improving visual arts instruction in American schools. This year's convention, held in New Orleans, runs from March 26-30. MICA Alumni, Current Students and Faculty presenting this year are:

Wednesday, 3/26

Kevin Tavin (BFA Art Education

Holistic Art Education and Visual Culture: Questions and Concerns Presented with Patricia L. Stuhr,Kerry Freedman, jan jagodzinski

Aimee Dixon (MAT) Object Study in the High School Internship Program

Linda Newton (MAAE) Observational Drawing: A Programmatic Approach K-12

Kathryn Sowinski (MAT) Playgrounds, Museums, and Houses: Sculpture On a Budget

Sharon Johnson (MAAE) Can You Hear Me Now? Dropped Calls Between Higher Ed and K-12 Classroom Teachers (Research)

Duane Sabiston (CS) Unlocking the Color of White-It's a John Singer Sargent Moment

Lauren Cook (MAAE) The High School Artist-Teacher's Instructional Practice and Its Impact on Student Learning (Research)

Shruti Tandon (MAAE) Listen to What They Draw.....Their Artwork Tells

Sharon Johnson and MAAE Graduates (MAAE) Listening Carefully/Telling the Stories: Research in Urban Classrooms

Lauren Selig (MAAE) What Catches the Eye: The Aesthetics of Style and Adolescents' Responses to Visual Culture

Thursday, 3/27

R. Barry Shauck (MAAE) Artistic Behaviors, Leadership Traits, and Performance Excellence

Vanessa Lopez (MAAE) Where Teachers Know How to Say My Name: Representation of Cultural Identity

Rebecca Sokol Levine (MAAE) A Closer Look: Middle School Student Engagement in Art Making

James Hesser (MAAE) The Art of Constructing Learning in a High School Art Class

Kevin Tavin (BFA Art Education) Executive Committee Meeting of the Caucus On Social Theory in Art Education Presented with Pam McLaughlin,Clayton Funk, Sara Wilson Mckay, and Eglinton Winton

Sarah Stronsky & Kathryn Short (MAT) Technology in the Art Room: Integration Ideas for Elementary through HS

Katie Morris, Mary Hafeli, and Jenny Wyss (MAT) How I Learned to Teach: Studying Young People's Art Making as a Reflective Practitioner

Anne Garton (MAAE) All About the Teacher: Art Teacher Experiences with Holistic Art Instruction

Friday, 3/28

Audra Price (MAT) Representation of African-Americans: Challenging Hegemony through Popular Culture

R. Barry Shauck (MAAE) Advisory Meeting for the President-Elect

Joele Michaud (MAAE) African American Family Art Connections: Art Messages and Heritage among Urban Blacks at Home

Jennifer Sonkin (MAAE) Sometimes It Fells Like Nobody Is Listening: A Study of Art Students with Learning Differences

R. Barry Shauck (MAAE) Professional Materials Committee Meeting

Juan Castro (MAT) Constraints that Enable: Creating Spaces for Artistic Inquiry

Kevin Tavin (BFA Art Education) Membership and Business Meeting of the Caucus On Social Theory in Art Education Presented with Pam McLaughlin,Clayton Funk, Sara Wilson McKay

Linda McConaughy (CS) Empowering Young Artists: Tackling Social Issues Through Art

Joele Michaud (MAAE) African American Art and Narrative Response: Jacob Lawrence as Catalyst for Illustrated Stories

Saturday, 3/29

R. Barry Shauck (MAAE) NAEA Past Presidents' Forum On Leadership and Futures Planning Presented with Mary Ann Stankiewicz, Mac Arthur Goodwin

Kevin Tavin (BFA Art Education) Representational Futures: Teaching Visual Culture Outside of Art Education Presented with B. Stephen Carpenter Ii, Kendra Girardot

Duane Sabiston (CS) Unlocking the Mystery of Vermeer's Lighting

Nan Park-Rumbaugh (MAT) From Preservice to Inservice: Developing a Sound Philosophy of Teaching

Nan Park-Rumbaugh and Katie Morris (MAT) In Focus: An Inward/Outward Lens for Pre-Service Teachers

Rachel Katz (MAT) Creating Hats and Headdresses in the Artroom and the Museum

Audra Price (MAT) Blogging and Identity: an Elementary Preservice Art Education Curriculum

Katie Morris (MAT) Pressures On: Alternative Processes in Printmaking

Sunday, 3/30

Mary Hafeli (MAT) w/ Judith Burton Listening In: What Students Can Tell Us About How They Make and Respond to Art and Culture

For more information on the NAEA please visit: http://www.naea-reston.org/convention

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