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MICA Takes Part in Front-Page Chronicle of Higher Education Story on Foundation Programs

Chronicle Quotes MICA's Catherine Behrent, Dennis Farber

Posted 10.16.11 by mica communications

Chronicle of Higher Education takes on the topic of foundation programs at art and design colleges, and MICA participates in the discussion as one of the first art colleges to modernize its foundation program. Foundation faculty Catherine Behrent, who is also the co-chair, and Dennis Farber, who is the associate dean for foundation, were quoted.

The Chronicle notes that teamwork and "developing abilities that can be applied to other disciplines" are key goals at MICA. The article reads, "Old artistic boundaries are becoming more porous, many administrators say, and students will need to work more effectively as members of teams. 'I want to graduate problem-solvers,' says Dennis Farber, the institute's associate dean for foundation. 'It's not [just] about standing at an easel.'"

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