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Now Showing: MICA Community Featured in Events, Exhibitions

Students, faculty, staff and alumni make this a November to remember

Posted 11.01.11 by Communications

Rachel Sitkin, San Cristobal Mound, gouache on paper, 2011

Members of the MICA community have work showcased in exhibitions throughout the world in November 2011. Here are the highlights (check back frequently as this will be continuously updated):


The Many Faces of Beauty
On view through November 30, Hamilton Gallery, 5502 Harford Rd.
Opening reception on Friday, November 4 from 5-9 p.m.
MICA CONNECTIONS: Espi Frazier (Hoffberger School of Painting)
The Many Faces of Beauty features the human face, which has been Frazier's favorite subject for many years. The works depict a variety of women's faces that support her belief that the face truly shows a person's being and state of mind and that the eyes reflect what is in the soul. Her favorite Egyptian symbol, the Ankh, which represents life, also shows up in many of the drawings. Though Frazier is also known for her life-sized carvings, she admits that drawing is her favorite medium. She uses a pencil to help her define layers and pen and ink to explore design and pattern, which helps create her visual language. Frazier also enjoys drawing in black and white as she feels it is equal to and sometimes more compelling than color.

The Road
On view November 1 through January 30, 2012, Sascha's 527, 527 N. Charles Street
MICA CONNECTIONS: Janet Pope '77 (Painting)

 Lynn Silverman, Lookout #71, silver gelatin print, 24Lynn Silverman Solo Show
On view through November 5, Goya Contemporary, 300 Chestnut Ave.
MICA CONNECTIONS: Photography faculty member Lynn Silverman

MICA Environmental Design Department Design/Build Exhibition
On view November 7 through December 22, AIA Baltimore, 11 1/2 West Chase St.
Opening reception on Thursday, November 10, 5-7 p.m.
MICA CONNECTIONS: Environmental Design Department
• The AIA Baltimore will be hosting an exhibition abou the Environmental Design Department's effort to design and build a transitional shelter prototype.

Degrees of Absence
On view November 18 through January 10, Goya Contemporary, 300 Chestnut Ave.
MICA CONNECTIONS: Painting faculty member Jo Smail

Lift Him Up

On view through November 30, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, 830 E. Pratt Street
MICA CONNECTIONS: Leah J. Taylor '92 (general fine arts)
• In this installation, 27 framed collages featuring high-spirited choir and congregation scenes are arranged to give viewers the feeling of being inside a large gothic cathedral. The exhibition will also include pen and ink study drawings for the large wall installation

Calibration: A Show of Smart Textiles and Robotic Art
Opens November 30 from 7-9 p.m., In/flux Gallery, 307 W. Baltimore St.
• A show featuring work from students in the Smart Textile and Intro to Robotics classes at MICA.

Boundary Proof
On view through December 3, Guest Spot, 1826 Fleet St.
Artist's reception Friday, October 21, 7-10 p.m.
MICA CONNECTIONS: Cyle Metzger '10 (Mount Royal)
• Boundary Proof is a group exhibition that features three artists whose works address cultural use of border limitations, and the ability to navigate beyond and challenge specific cultural red lines. Each in their own right justifies expectations associated with their subject and examines contextual and metaphoric limitations, thus pushing past preconceived ideas.

Studio Mixx
On view November 12 through December 10, Subbasement Artist Studios, 118 N. Howard St.
MICA CONNECTIONS: Fletcher Mackey (faculty) and students
•Students of Studio Mixx, a new course at MICA taught by faculty member Fletcher Mackey, will present their semester's work at Subbasement Artist Studios. Offered through the Painting Department and open to all majors, the works in the exhibit present a wide range of content and ideas from Spoken Word to figurative painting. The 20 students will be present at a reception on November 12 from 7 to 9pm.

On view through November 19, Jordan Faye Contemporary, 1401 Light Street
MICA CONNECTION: Jordan Faye Block '05 (Mount Royal)

Hard Workin' Pilgrims: Lumbee Indians in Baltimore City Industry
On view through December 31, Baltimore Museum of Industry, 1415 Key Highway
Panel discussion and reception with Lumbee elders: November 1, 6-8 p.m. (RSVP at 410-727-4808 ext. 132 or gmorris@thebmi.org)
MICA CONNECTIONS: Curated byAshley Minner '05 '07 '11 (B.F.A., M.A. in Community Arts, M.F.A. in Community Arts)
Hard Workin' Pilgrims: Lumbee Indians in Baltimore City Industry explores the Lumbee Indians migration to Baltimore City. They came, like many others seeking employment in local industries with the hopes to improve their quality of life. Thousands of Lumbee Indians settled in southeastern Baltimore concentrating in a 64-block area from Broadway to Patterson Park, many worked in drywall, sheetrock, and other construction trades, while other Lumbee Indians worked in factories, sewing plants or were self-employed.

Paintings by Glenn Walker
On view through January 6, 2012, University of Baltimore Student Center Gallery, 21 W. Mount Royal Ave.
• Glenn F. Walker, who died in 1988, is one of Baltimore's best kept secrets. A painter and graduate of MICA, he created exciting works in many different media and styles. This retrospective, organized by Shelley Amsel and Buzz Cusack, features 20 of his pieces.

Feats of Monumentaility
On view through January 20, 2012, Baltimore Washington International Thursgood Marshall Airport (BWI), International Terminal, Concourse E
MICA CONNECTIONS: Evan Boggess '11 (Hoffberger), Jeffrey Kent '10 (Hoffberger), Linling Lu '11 (Hoffberger), Steven Pearson '97 (Hoffberger), Jennifer Tam '12 (painting)
Feats of Monumentality, on the upper level of the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport International Terminal, features large-scale abstract paintings by Baltimore-based artists who are emerging onto the forefront of contemporary painting. These artworks embody the colorful, playful, fearless aesthetic that is characteristic of Subbasement Artist Studios, and are innovative in their use of material, form, and technique. Although the practice of painting is thousands of years old, these four artists demonstrate that there are still frontiers of painting that have yet to be explored.


Postcard for Inter-Net featuring Michelle Lisa HermanInter-Net
On view November 4 through November 23, Washington Project for the Arts, 2023 Massachusetts Ave., NW
MICA CONNECTION: Michelle Lisa Herman '08 (General Fine Arts/ Arts History, Theory and Criticism)

In Between
On view November 5 through December 3, Hamiltonian Gallery,1353 U Street NW
MICA connection: Nora Howell '10 '11 (M.A. in Community Arts & M.F.A. in Community Arts)
• Through sculptural installation, video and photography, artists David Page and Hamiltonian Fellow, Nora Howell have created new work driven by both their observations of society and their own personal histories concerning issues of identity, power systems, fear and safety. Differing in artistic tone and subject both artists delve into and explore the semiotics of identity infused in everyday exchanges.

The First Supper
On view November 4-27, Hillyer Art Space, 9 Hillyer Court, NW
Opening Reception Friday, November 4 from 6-9 p.m.
Performances on November 12 and November 17 from 6-9 p.m.
Meet the Artist Day (No Performance) on November 19 from 12-4 p.m.
MICA connection: Michelle Gomez
• A collaboration between Michelle Gomez and Jonathan Wille, The First Supper is both an installation and three performances that deals with cultural and identity issues by looking at the idea of a non-traditional family. During the performances, viewers witness the artists enacting dysfunction at a family dinner, exploring the notion of roles and performance particular to each family member. The father figure, transformed into a character through generalized stereotypes acts as the main character of the narrative. As three hour performances, viewers are invited to come and go as they please, offering an alternative to a more common audience-performer dynamic. Like a theater set, between performances the vibrant and chaotic dining room installation echoes of the absence of the performers, emphasizing the physical presence of the viewer and their own performative roles as they enter the space. Support for The First Supper is provided in part by MICA's Flo McGarrell Collaborative Projects Fund.

Outernational DC
On view November 5-12, FotoWeekDC Central, 17th & L St. NW
Gallery opening Friday, November 11 from 8-11 p.m., $30
MICA connection: Gabriela Bulisova
• Bulisova, a MICA faculty member and documentary photographer from the former Czechoslovakia, carries her camera to the world's marginalized places (such as Chernobyl, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria)

Block by Block: Transformation
November 6, 4-8 p.m., 1400 Block on North Capital St., NW
MICA connection: Billy Friebele '09
• FabLab DC is holding an exhibition called Block by Block: Transformation where the Freespace Collective will exhibit an outdoor interactive projection project called Space over Time which puts live cameras and videos from public spaces around the world in a mash-up. November 6th, 4-8pm

Freespace Collective: The 360 Project
Artist Talk on November 13 at 5 p.m., Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
MICA connection: Billy Friebele '09
• Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography will present Freespace Collective: The 360 Project.

Artwork by Rachel SitkinFall Solos (featured at top of page)
On view through December 30, Arlington Art Center, 3550 Wilson Blvd., Arlington
MICA CONNECTIONS: Rachel Sitkin '02, Chloe Watson '10, Jason Irla '10 and Stephanie Elain Robbins '05
• DC collector and curator Michael Pollack and independent international curator Melissa Keys, formerly of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Australia, selected this year's crop of promising emerging contemporary artists from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Fall SOLOS artists are: Arden Bendler Browning, David D'Orio, Matt Dunn, Jason Irla, Stephanie Elaine Robbins, Rachel Sitkin, and Chloe Watson.


Meet and Greet the Author, Photographer and Draper for the Draping Basics Textbook
MICA CONNECTIONS: Sally Di Marco '72
November 4 from 5:30-7:30 p.m., Superior Model Form Company Showroom, NYC
Sally Di Marco '72 retired from Baltimore County Communicty College where she coordinated the Fashion Design Program for over thirty years. Recently, she was appointed coordinator of the newly established Fashion Design Program at Stevenson University. In 2010, she authored Draping Basics, a fashion design text published by Fairchild Publications, a divison of Conde Nast. The text has been adopted by over 24 colleges and universities across the country.

The African Continuum
On view through November 23, The United Nations Headquarters Visitors Lobby, 46th St. and 1st Ave., NYC
MICA CONNECTIONS: Ade "Wahala Temi" Tugbiyele (M.F.A. '13)
• In observance of the International Year for People of African Descent, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Department of Public Information invites guests to see The African Continuum: Celebrating Diversity, Recognizing Contributions of People of African Descent.

The Nature of Things
On view through November 29, Anthropologie, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC
MICA CONNECTIONS: Brent Crothers '03
• Last spring, representatives from Anthropologie came for a studio visit and purchased six pieces of sculpture by Brent Crothers '03. These sculptures are currently featured in a one-person show in the art gallery at their main store at 30 Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

Work by Lori LarussoSplash!
On view through December 3, Porter Contemporary, 548 W. 28th St., 3rd Floor, NYC
MICA CONNECTIONS: Lori Larusso '05
Splash! focuses on thirteen artists' ideas about color and how it manifests itself in the work. Porter Contemporary reached outside their normal repertoire of artists and held an open call to not only receive images for consideration but also artists' thoughts on color. Artworks range in medium and include: photography, wood, watercolors, acrylics, oil, ceramics and other mixed medium items. Many of the works are abstract and dissect different subject matters that range from the middle-America cut outs by Lori Larusso to Aoife O'Donnell's photographs of cancer cells.


22nd Drawing Show Residue
On view through November 27, Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremond St., Boston
MICA CONNECTIONS: Billy Friebele '09
• Since 1979, this juried exhibition has allowed the Boston Center for the Arts to work with more than 500 artists and over 20 guest curators from across the country. This year, 16 artists were selected who work with the idea of Residue, traces and suggestions left behind both in their concepts and process.


Preserving a Legacy: 25 Years of Collecting
On view through January 8, 2012, Clay Center, One Clay Square, Charleston, WV
MICA CONNECTION: Jim Radakovich '77 (Painting)


Poster from Factory Installed2011 Factory Installed
On view through May 2012, The Mattress Factory, 500 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh
MICA CONNECTIONS: Natalia Gonzalez
• Six international artists, including Natalia Gonzalez from Bolivia, were chosen from 600 artist-submitted portfolios to work in residence at the Mattress Factory in September and October to create works for an exhibition on view from October 28 to February 26, 2012.


Spaces and Thick: Recent Work by Lori Larusso
On view through November 6, Parkland Art Gallery, 2400 West Bradley Ave., Champaign
MICA CONNECTIONS: Lori Larusso (Mount Royal School of Art)
• Larusso's paintings contain interior spaces and manicured semi-private outdoor spaces that suggest a relative level of comfort and social acceptance. Confidently defined, the architecture represented through image sometimes confirms and sometimes questions the stability of the situation. The commonality of the image is encouraged by the absence of personal information. Including only necessary information to complete the idea and composition, the edge of the painted image defines the edge of the support. Moving outside of the traditional rectangular format, the interaction of the painting with the wall becomes a relevant aspect of the work.

Meticulous Details: Conservators' Paintings
On view through November 18, The Architrouve, 1433 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago
MICA CONNECTION: Christina Haglid '91 (General Fine Arts)

Real Space
On view through November 27, LVL3 Gallery, 1542 N Milwaukee Ave. #3, Chicago
MICA CONNECTION: Alyse Ronayne '08 (Printmaking)


On view through November 12, PEO Foundation Gallery at Cottey College, 1203 West Austin Blvd., Nevada
MICA CONNECTION: Nancy Morrison '90 (Mount Royal)


Graphic Design: Now in Production
On view through January 22, Walker Art Center
• This major international exhibition explores how graphic design has broadened its reach dramatically over the past decade, expanding from a specialized profession to a widely deployed tool. With the rise of user-generated content and new creative software, along with innovations in publishing and distribution systems, people outside the field are mobilizing the techniques and processes of design to create and publish visual media. At the same time, designers are becoming producers: authors, publishers, instigators, and entrepreneurs employing their creative skills as makers of content and shapers of experiences.


Artwork by Jenee MateerScope Miami 2011
On view through November 29 through December 4, Scope Pavillion (Presented by Jordan Faye Contemporary), NE 1st Ave. (Midtown Blvd.) at NE 30th St., Miami
MICA CONNECTION: Lori Larrusso '05 (Mount Royal) and Jenne Mateer '96 (MFA Photography)
• "Jordan Faye Contemporary is thrilled to be presenting work at this year's Scope Miami. We hope to see you down there! We will be located at Booth F01 and feature works by Lori Larusso, David Page and Jenee Mateer. Works will be available by Janna Rice, Melissa Matsuki Lillie, T.R. Kaltreider, Lawrence Cromwell, Kate MacKinnon , Donald Edwards, and Scott Ponemone." - Jordan Faye Contemporary

Jungle Sweat, Roseate
On view through January 16, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, 3251 S. Miamia Ave., Miami
MICA CONNECTION: Naomi Fisher '98 (Photography)
• South Florida native Naomi Fisher weaves her lifelong memories of Vizcaya within a fictional narrative to create Jungle Sweat, Roseate, a video piece and installation on view throughout the Main House. Fisher's ongoing exploration of nature and our desire to tame it comes into focus at Vizcaya, where the imposition of formal architecture on a native landscape presents striking contrasts. The work features a female character who stumbles upon Vizcaya from the depths of the mangroves, covered in the residue of nature. Fisher tells the fantastical story of the woman's experiences in this new environment and her struggles to dethrone the "civilized" Lady of the House.


Undivided Attention
On view through November 19, Chandler Center for the Arts, 250 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler
MICA CONNECTION: Joan Waters '81 (General Fine Arts)


 Flyer from House at 100: Arts Festival and GalaHouse at 100: Arts Festival and Gala
On view through November 26, Meridian Center for the Arts
MICA CONNECTIONS: Alexis Iammarino
• A dance performance by Choreographer in Residence Alexis Iammarino entitled "Choreography as Community Engagement" will be developed directly with current Meridian Interns and Tread the Tendernob, a performed walking tour with performance artist Amy Lewis through the neighborhood north and south of Meridian Gallery.


Poetic Visions
On view through March 4, 2012, Whatcom Museum, 121 Prospect Street, Bellingham
MICA CONNECTION: Lesley Dill '80 (Mount Royal)
• Lesley Dill is one of the most prominent American artists working at the intersection of language and fine art. Her elegant sculptures, art installations, mixed-media photographs, and evocative performances draw from both her travels abroad and profound interests in spirituality and the world's faith traditions. Exploring the power of words to cloak and reveal the psyche, Dill invests new meaning in the human form. Intellectually and aesthetical engaging, the core of her work emerges from an essential, visionary awareness of the world.


Lost in Lace: New Approaches by UK and International Artists
On view through February 19, 2012, Birmingham Museum Art Gallery, Birmingham
MICA CONNECTION: Fiber Department Chair Piper Shepard
• According to the exhibition website, "Lost in Lace will see 20 leading international artists take over the Gas Hall at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery from 29 October 2011 to 19 February 2012. The exhibition is produced in partnership between Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the Crafts Council, in association with the University for the Creative Arts."


GICBiennale 2011
Through November 22, Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery
• Ceramics Chair and faculty member, David S. East has been invited to exhibit his work in the prestigious international exhibition, GICBiennale 2011, that is part of the World Ceramic Biennale Korea. Chosen by an international committee, this exhibition features work from ceramics artists from all over the world. This recognition is a testament to the importance of David's work, his position in the field, and speaks to the national and international recognition of the Ceramics Department faculty and program.

If you would like to be included on this or subsequent-month listings, please e-mail the exhibition information to news@mica.edu.

Captions (top to bottom):  Rachel Sitkin, San Cristobal Mound, gouache on paper, 2011; Lynn Silverman, Lookout #71, silver gelatin print, 24" x 20", 2007; "Hal Hunt," former Foreman, Baltimore City Forestry Division; Postcard for Inter-Net featuring Michelle Lisa Herman; Rachel Sitkin, San Cristobal Mound, gouache on paper, 2011; Work by Lori Larusso; Poster from Factory Installed; Artwork by Jenee Mateer;  Flyer from House at 100: Arts Festival and Gala.