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MFAST Class of 2014 Organize Group Exhibition in Buffalo, NY

Studio Art (Low-Residency), MFA

Posted 04.04.15 by Office of Graduate Studies

"Context Contingent," a group exhibition at 464 Gallery in Buffalo, NY, was organized jointly by the six graduates of the Studio Art (Online & Low-Residency), MFA Graduate Program Class of 2014 (Erin Barach, Laura Borneman, Ashley Lathe, Joy Moore, Nikki Moser and Miguel Navarro) and their faculty mentor Nicole Herbert (adjunct faculty and MFAST alumna- Class of 2009). The participating artists question their relationship to context and consider their work as contingent upon these relationships. Their work seeks to demystify and revel in our familiar, lived environments, while simultaneously framing and fracturing the ideological underpinnings, based on a Richard Serra quote, "Every context has its frames and its ideological overtones." 

The ethical nature of intersubjectivity as it relates to larger issues of politics and culture is a slippery slope. The artists' intention is to articulate various ways of responding and relating to context, bringing the circumstances and conditions that surround us to the foreground, to ask the viewer to consider their own relationship to context, how these circumstances reflect who they are, and to question the fluidity and changeability of these contextual factors. Using a variety of media and approaches, the artists each scrutinize how the individual relates to their environment and others'. Personal, physical, and formal boundaries are questioned and pushed through these artistic inquiries.

The exhibition runs through April 29, 2015. An artist reception wil be held Saturday, April 10; 6-10 pm.

For more information on current and past MFAST exhibitions and events, visit Browse Art and mfastblog.wordpress.com.