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Love Connections

Dara Platt O'Malley '83 and Kevin O'Malley '83

Posted 01.01.11

Dara Platt O'Malley '83 and Kevin O'Malley '83

"I saw Dara in my freshman sculpture class ... and I fell in love," Kevin said. But it wasn't until sophomore year that Dara remembers seeing Kevin in Graphic Design I. "I was taken with his work: so professional, so great," she said. "Our first ‘contact' was when he totally insulted a piece of mine in a critique. I was crushed, but he was right. I was taken with him at this point, even though he was completely obnoxious!"

Even after this connection, it took illustration majors Dara and Kevin until their junior year to start dating. "Our first official date was at the Baltimore Zoo," Dara said. "We walked the zoo. Then we had a picnic lunch of cheap white wine and cold pizza--it was the best date I ever had! He was the best talker I'd ever known. He still is! I knew then that I met the man I needed to spend the rest of my life with." They will be married for 23 years in April.

After dating for seven years they married, remained in Baltimore, and now have two boys: Connor, 20, and Noah, 16. Kevin is a children's book illustrator and author with more than 70 books to his credit, and Dara is an art jeweler. "We both work at home, together in our house most days," Dara said. "That's a marriage."