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Love Connections

Cathy Evans-Frailey '81 and Jamie Frailey '80

Posted 01.01.11

Cathy Evans-Frailey '81 and Jamie Frailey '80

"I had seen Jamie around school," Cathy said. "He was always surrounded by girls so I thought he had a girlfriend. I was way too shy to approach him. ... One embarrassing moment happened on the Mount Royal Station hill. I was sitting with some friends, having lunch. I saw Jamie with another group a little distance away, and I leaned out further to get a better look at him, lost my balance, and somersaulted down the hill."

This was slightly ironic because now Jamie admits, "my heart would always flutter when I would see Cathy walking around campus. Everywhere I walked, I always tried to catch a glimpse of her."

Finally, the two graphic design majors met at a dance party just before winter break and they danced together all night. "I was thrilled to have finally connected with him," Cathy said. After break, the two ran into each other again, and this time Jamie insisted they go out. After that date, even Cathy's mom was "already completely infatuated and told me that I could marry him!" she said. It took me nine years, but I finally agreed with her."

They married in 1986 and now have two children: Jackson, in his first year at University of Vermont, and Morgan, a junior majoring in interdisciplinary sculpture at MICA.

Cathy Evans-Frailey '81 and Jamie Frailey '80

Cathy and Jaime at Cathy's 1981 graduation from MICA.

Cathy and Jamie while in school at MICA.

The couple at MICA's ever-popular annual Halloween bash in 1980.

Cathy and Jamie pose in MICA's Brown Center in 2009.