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Login Changes on MICA.edu

Students, Faculty, and Staff Can Now Login Anywhere on MICA.edu

Posted 08.27.09 by MICA Web Team

MICA.edu login is now more accessible than ever, with a login button located at the top right of every page. MICA students, faculty, and staff can all use this button to login on any page. Parents cannot yet use this new button to login, but parent access is still available on a specific Parent & Guardian Access page on MICA.edu. Integrating parent/guardian access into the main MICA.edu login is anticipated to be complete later in the fall 2009 semester.

Users may also notice some new pages across MICA.edu require login to view; now that login is integrated into MICA.edu, pages meant specifically for MICA students, faculty, and/or staff require login. This flexibility allows members of the MICA community to share "internal" content using MICA.edu.

The URL home.MICA.edu now points to a general login page on MICA.edu. It is recommended that home.MICA.edu bookmarks be updated to simply point to MICA.edu. Logging in using the login button at the top of every MICA.edu page has the same effect as logging in on the old home.MICA.edu page, so home.MICA.edu is no longer required to login.

Anyone who encounters difficulty logging in should use the Web Feedback Form to report those problems. Please include browser information when reporting a login problem and describe in detail the process that led to failed login.

Further comments and questions about the login change can also be voiced using the Web Feedback Form.