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Projections and Resemblances

PEM alumna Leah Miriam Cooper


2015 Photographic and Electronic Media alumna Leah Miriam Cooper has had great success with her 2015 thesis project, Projections and Resemblances. The work was recently showcased on CNN's Photo Blog, as well as in a number of local and national exhibitions. This work has won multiple awards and honorable mentions, including the Maryland Art Place Imprint Emerging Artist award.

Cooper created a series of images of old family photographs projected throughout her apartment and her parents' home. The series depicts the photographs of relatives in their homes from the past, projected upon rooms or spaces from Cooper's present that relate to where the original photograph was taken. To further challenge the idea of layering her own life upon the lives of her ancestors, Cooper began projecting portraits of her ancestors upon her own face and body. The digital photographs and videos captured depict how the original images are altered by the spaces and subjects on which they are projected.

Cooper sees this project as a way to connect with a large part of her family that had she never had the opportunity to know. "I always thought that it would be impossible to get to know them, but through this project I have," she said. "I feel as if I'm mending the tear in my familial history by going through the family archives." Since her graduation, Cooper has received numerous awards, publications, and exhibition opportunities for Projections and Resemblances.

Learn more about Leah Miriam Cooper's work and achievements on her Artist Website.

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