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Students Create National Youth Voting Campaign

Aviva Paley '13 and Jianna Lieberman '13 encourage students across the nation to register to vote

Posted 09.13.12 by mica communications

(left to right) Jianna Lieberman ’13 (graphic design), Greg Bowen '12 (video & film arts) and Aviva Paley '13 (painting).

MICA seniors Aviva Paley '13 (painting) and Jianna Lieberman '13 (graphic design) have joined forces to craft the youth voting campaign Don't You Want To? The non-partisan initiative is designed to motivate college students around the country to become more active and engaged citizens, and to understand the importance of voting.

"I really wanted to do this to empower our generation because when I speak with students about voting, it's evident they care," Paley said.

Heather Dorsett '15 (photography), a transfer to MICA this school year, finds the interest here refreshing. "I think it's really awesome to see students interested in politics," she said.

In an effort to create fun ways to entice students to register to vote, Lieberman used her graphic design background to develop bold posters, pins and T-shirts in patriotic colors with witty phrases, such as "Pull My Lever" and "Let's Get a Booth."

"I saw graphic design as an opportunity to do something good. We will distribute our designs to other schools to assist in their registration drives," Lieberman said.

The two seniors began a series of campus-wide registration drives on Sept. 13 to ensure students were registered to vote for the upcoming election. They have experienced big turnouts amongst students, especially those who are now able to vote for the first time.

"The registration drive is so helpful because a lot of people want to register to vote but find it difficult. This is so much easier!" said Mary Parrish '15 (general fine arts).

More information about the campaign can be found at dontyouwantto.com.