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Love Connections

Students Fall in Love at MICA

Posted 01.01.13 by mica communications

Kimberly King '77 and Bill Tata'78

While studying at MICA, students not only learn to embrace a love of the arts, but they often find romantic love for one another. Brought together because of MICA, these couples have gone on to live happy lives together as they pursue careers in art and design.



Dee McGuire '65 and Patrick McGuire '65

Patrick McGuire '65and Dee McGuire'65

"I would drive three friends to MICA in my little Corvair, and every day I would see this neat young man walking down Mount Royal Avenue," Dee McGuire '65 said. "He looked so nice-nice khakis, nice plaid shirt, and he was always walking this adorable dog."

That neat looking young man, Rinehart School of Sculpture student Patrick McGuire '65 , ended up in an Italian Renaissance class with Dee and her friends in 1963. The two met, but it took a missed class to become more than acquaintances.

"I had to take my mother to the doctor, so I wasn't in class. Pat went up to one of the gals who drove with me every day and asked where I was. She told him, and then she told me that she'd given him my phone number and asked if it was okay."

It was fine with Dee, who soon received a phone call from Patrick.

"My mother had to have a tonsil taken out, and Pat offered to sit with me while waiting for her to come out of the operation. Afterward, he was driving me back home, and we passed the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, which had recently been built. We decided to stop and see it, and as we walked into the church, the bells started to ring. I just knew. I just knew this was something special," Dee said.

The two began dating, and the dog, a basset hound mix named Charlie, was a constant companion. Shortly after graduating in 1965, the couple got married.

Patrick is a sculptor who taught at Morgan State University as a professor of art for 42 years. Dee, who studied painting and art education at MICA, found herself looking at the objects she'd always been inspired by-plant forms and seed pods-in new ways. She became a self-taught horticulturist, eventually earning the title horticultural therapist. She and Patrick combined their interests creating indoor and outdoor topiaries, and Patrick continues to make and exhibit his sculptural work (the couple recently created a website together at patrickmcguiresculptor.com). The two live on five acres in Jarrettsville, Maryland, where they transformed a 100-year-old barn into a two-story sculpture studio for Patrick.

Dee said, "We shared so many similar interests, and we always combined our love of nature. Pat saves trees that have fallen and cures them for many years before working them into his sculpture. Nature is now my palette. Not on paper or canvas, but in presenting this experience to people who are cut off from nature while in institutional settings."

She added, "That was the best time of my life, being at MICA. Now, Pat and I have two children,  and two grandkids, and have had a load of animals along the way. It's been extremely rewarding."

Nathalie Cone '07 and Cory Cone '07

Natalie Cone'07 and Cory Cone' 07"I am so glad I chose MICA. I am so lucky because I met Nat here, and I love Baltimore," Cory Cone '07 said, when speaking of his wife of three years, Nathalie Cone '07.

The pair met in October of their freshman year, in the Meyerhoff House dining room. Cory, who came to the College from Rhode Island, was busy making new friends, and one day he found himself sitting at a table of people that included Nathalie.

"This girl was laughing-just nonstop laughing. She was trying to not laugh, and she was terrible at not laughing. And I thought that she was incredibly beautiful. I knew right at that moment that I needed her in my life."

Cory was so intent on getting to know her that he did something he'd never done before.

"Nat was into [the interactive video game] Dance Dance Revolution, so I helped her found the Dance Dance Revloution club at MICA. We went in together and bought equipment, and our first project together was running this club, which grew to be pretty big. I asked her to be my girlfriend in one of those meetings," Cory recounted, laughing before he continued, "She said yes. I'm pretty sure that was my last meeting at the club."

The pair dated all four years at MICA, becoming engaged soon after their 2007 graduation. Today, Cory works for the College's Department of Financial Aid. Nathalie, who earned her BFA in graphic design, currently works for the design firm Substance 151, near Patterson Park.

"I studied painting at MICA, and I continued to paint for a few years after graduation. Today, I've moved to creative writing, and I depend on Nat a lot there. She's my harshest critic, and she makes my work better," Cory said. "We've been in Baltimore going on nine years now, and Nat has been the highlight of everything. We love each other more every day, and we're still very happy. We're a really good team."

Elena Rosemond-Hoerr '08 and Dan Hoerr '07

Dan Hoerr '07 and Elena Rosemond-Hoerr'08

When Elena Rosemond-Hoerr '08 and Dan Hoerr '07 became close while working together in the Exhibition Development Seminar (EDS) class, they swore they were just friends.

"Nobody but us believed it," Elena said. "But we were really just friends. We were adamant when we said we were friends. We even dated other people, and our classmates would just look at us and say, ‘yeah, right'."

The pair spent two years working intensely on the EDS exhibition At Freedom's Door: Challenging Slavery in Maryland.

"You become really close with the people you work with in EDS, and you grow to rely on them," Elena said. "But it's so involved you don't have time to do much else than work."

Still, the bond between Elena and Dan was unique. They met at the Meyerhoff House for breakfast every Sunday, and their friendship grew outside of class and lasted after Dan graduated and moved back home to begin working.

"Dan was a year ahead of me, so I was still at MICA. And he texted me one day, just saying that he was coming down, what was I doing? He came to my place that night, and I was complaining about the person I was seeing at the time. I wasn't happy in the relationship. At some point, we started talking about why we'd never dated," Elena explained. "We kind of left the conversation up in the air and went out. Later that night, out of nowhere, he kissed me. And it was like that. We started dating, we were engaged six months later, and after another year, we were married."

The couple recently moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where Dan is employed with App Direct, a San Francisco-based company that employs a number of other MICA alumni. Elena, who studied photography, is a museum educator and author of a southern food blog called Biscuits and Such.

Kimberly King '77 and Bill Tata '78

Kimberly King '77 and Bill Tata '78Kimberly King '77 was chatting with a friend in Mount Royal Station when the man who would become her husband, Bill Tata '78, walked in.

As Kimberly recalled, "My roommate, Christy Rupp '77, was in Rinehart School of Sculpture, and one day I went by the Rinehart studios. We were just talking, and Bill walked in. They greeted each other, and then she introduced us. I just happened to be there."

The pair began dating and were married a decade later. In between that first meeting and marriage, the pair graduated, took a cross-country trip in a Volkswagen Beetle, and began their professional careers.

1986 was a significant year for the couple. In addition to marrying, Kimberly launched a graphic design business, and the couple welcomed the birth of their first child, a daughter, Kristin. Four years later, their son-Kyle Tata '12-was born. Kyle recently earned his BFA in photography from MICA.

Today, the couple lives in Baltimore's Overlea neighborhood. Kimberly, who studied painting, drawing, and graphic design at MICA, is still running her design business. Bill, who works at Montgomery College in Montgomery County, Maryland, has taught for MICA's School of Professional and Continuing Studies, and he helped launch the first graphics lab on campus when computers were introduced to the College.

"Just the other day, Bill found a picture of us from our time at the College. It was at his graduation from Rinehart, and we're standing in front of the Main Building. He asked, ‘Do you remember this?'" Kimberly said, and added, "I enjoyed my time there. I have great memories of MICA."


Image captions (top to bottom): Patrick McGuire '65 and Dee McGuire '65; Nathalie Cone '07 and Cory Cone '07. (Photo by Studio Mathewes); Dan Hoerr ‘07 and Elena Rosemond-Hoerr '08; Kimberly King '77 and Bill Tata ‘78 at Bill's graduation from MICA (also top image).