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MICA Makes a Splash in Miami

MICA Alumni and Faculty Make a Statement During Art Basel 2011

Posted 03.15.12 by MICA Communications

Dr. Leslie King-Hammond discusses the Global Africa Project tour launch (photo by Cedric Mobley)

Art Basel is billed as "the most prestigious art show in the Americas." More than 260 leading galleries and 2,000 artists from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa participated in 2011. MICA alumni and faculty have built a following at Art Basel in Miami over many years, but the College itself made its official presence known for the first time in December 2011.

In partnership with New York's Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) and the Betsy Hotel Foundation, MICA managed to stand out amongst the world's most talented artists by hosting a packed reception at the Betsy Hotel. The reception was attended by MICA Graduate Dean Emerita Leslie King-Hammond, PhD; Lowery Stokes Sims, PhD, a 1988 MICA honorary degree recipient; trustee Rick Gonzalez, Jr. and his wife; Alumni Council Co-Chair James Rieck '87 '03 and his wife Judy Lichtman '89, Gary Koeppel '75, Alayna Wool '05, and other alumni; MICA Vice President for Advancement Michael Franco, EdD; and members of the media. Famed artist Joyce Scott '70 regaled the crowd by singing several classical, jazz, and rhythm and blues standards.

Dan Gioia '11, Sphere, was an award winner at PULSE.However, the reception was just one of many places to catch MICA alumni. From recent graduates to internationally-known artists with portfolios that span decades, their work could be seen across Miami and Miami Beach at Art Basel and other concurrent showcases. While works by Matt Johnson '00 and Shinique Smith '92 '03 were featured at Art Basel, the detailed skateboards and portraits painted by Jason Bryant '04 were a highlight of the Aqua show, and a painting by trustee Michele Modell '10 was prominently displayed at the SCOPE show. Other alumni were part of booths at SCOPE curated by alumni-owned galleries, such as the New York-based Like the Spice Gallery owned by Marisa Sage '02 and the Baltimore-based Jordan Faye Contemporary, founded by Jordan Faye Block '05. A painting by Katie Miller '07 '11 was among the work by alumni shown at the PULSE show, where Woo Jin Chang '11 and Dan Gioia '11 were award winners. Naomi Fisher '98 performed a special piece at Miami's Vizcaya Museum and Gardens associated with her Jungle Sweat, Roseate installation, which was covered in Artforum and The New York Times. In all, dozens of alumni were spotlighted in myriad shows during the massive art festival.

MICA's 2011 official presence and strong support for the alumni in the show-evidenced by President Fred Lazarus IV's visits to shows in the Miami area to see alumni artwork-are a precursor to intensified involvement by the College in Miami Art Basel-related activities in years to come.


Photo captions: Dr. Leslie King-Hammond discusses the Global Africa Project tour launch; Sphere by Dan Gioia '11  was an award winner at PULSE.