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Innovative Students Receive National Attention

Village Voice, Fast Company, Village Soup feature interesting student projects

Posted 03.31.11 by MICA Communications

Stephen Edmond gives a tour of some artifacts relating to a folkloric serpent

Exploring interdisciplinary methods and venturing across the globe, many students (current and past) have created impressive projects in unexpected ways. In March, a few stories highlighted such endeavors.

A group of students traveled to Belfast, Maine while participating in a weeklong session of Project M—a camp that challenges young designers to immerse themselves in a community and create socially relevant art. The students investigated a mythical serpent in local folklore, which resulted in an exhibition of the findings. Village Soup covered the story.

Village Voice featured faculty member Jeremy Sigler's innovative classes, which mix music and comedy with visual art. Ponytail, a band receiving national recognition, was formed in one of these classes. Read more here.

In Fast Company's Can We Make Electronics Without Factories? The Future of Gadget Design, faculty member Inna Alesina's class partnership with University of Washington is highlighted. The project, made of local sustainable materials, is going to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, Saturday, May 14-Tuesday, May 17. Last year, MICA was named best design school at this fair. More details about the project can be found here.