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Improvements to Wireless Systems in Commons and Meyerhoff

New Aerohive wireless internet systems give student wireless access in dorm rooms.

Posted 02.25.10 by Tom Hyatt, VP for Technology

In December of 2009, Technology Systems and Services began installing new wireless base stations in the Commons using technology from a company called Aerohive. This wireless system will augment the Ethernet wired system that student have within their dorm rooms. The Aerohive system provides secure log-in to MICA's internet services wirelessly both in the dorm rooms and in the public spaces throughout the Commons. Because it is a secure system, only authorized MICA users with MICA log-ins and passwords are able to access the internet through this system. When you open up a browser to access the internet, you will see a sign-in screen where you simply enter your MICA log-in and password. You will then have full access to the internet and other network services. Accommodations for guest access are available through the Help Desk.

The system was deployed through December and January of 2009/2010 and is fully operational.

In February and March of 2010, TSS is extending the system to include spaces within the Meyerhoff House. As budgets permit, we will extend the range of the wireless signal to reach all rooms and spaces in Meyerhoff as we have already in The Commons. We hope to complete the Meyerhoff project by the end of April.