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February Off-Campus Events & Exhibitions

MICA Students, Alumni and Faculty Featured in Events & Exhibitions

Posted 02.01.14 by MICA COMMUNICATIONS

Andy Vible, Blowfish, oil on canvas, 2013.

Throughout February, members of the MICA community have work showcased in exhibitions throughout the country and world. Here are some of the highlights (check back frequently as this will be continuously updated):


Inna Alesina: Test Kitchen for Change Breadmaking Event
Event takes place February 9, 12:30-1:30 p.m., VisArts, 155 Gibbs Street, Rockville and 2:15 - 3:15 p.m., Dawson's Market, 225 N. Washington St., Rockville
$5.00 suggested donation for all breadmaking events
MICA CONNECTION: faculty member Inna Alesina '13 (Graphic Design)
Test Kitchen for Change uses breadmaking as a platform for engaging communities. Based on Slow Design principles, Inna Alesina's Test Kitchen for Change includes The Bread Zoo, consisting of containers and tools collected, borrowed, and made in order to educate people about bread, yeast, malt, wheat sprouting, and wild foods. The public is invited to participate in breadmaking events where they will learn how to make their own bread.

Morris Louis Unveiled
On view through February 9, Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Dr., Baltimore
MICA CONNECTION: Morris Louis '32 (general fine arts)
The Baltimore Museum of Art's newly reopened Contemporary Wing is the setting for an exhibition of more than 25 works that illuminate seldom seen aspects of Baltimore-born painter Morris Louis's artistic practice. Morris Louis Unveiled was inspired by a gift of two bold, gestural paintings and a number of surprising drawings that came to the BMA last year from the estate of the artist's widow. These works reveal the artist's little-known exploration of Abstract Expressionism. In conjunction with the exhibition, the BMA will present important examples of works by Louis's influences, peers, and followers, including Helen Frankenthaler's majestic Madridscape (1959).
Image caption: Morris Louis, Untitled 5-76, 1956, The Baltimore Museum of Art: Gift of Marcella Brenner Revocable Trust, BMA 2011.184.

Baltimore 1
On view February 17 through May 2, Gallery CA, 440 E Oliver St., Baltimore
Opening reception: Thursday, March 20, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
MICA CONNECTION: faculty member Marcus Civin, Jennifer Coster '11 (Rinehart School of Sculpture) and Shana Goetsch '12 (Community Arts)
Baltimore 1 is an exhibition of a collection of personal objects loaned to Gallery CA from City Arts residents. The upper level of the gallery houses objects of artists living in subsidized housing while the downstairs showcases the evidence of the lives lived above with objects waiting on tables and shelves designed by Marcus Civin and Jennifer Coster. The exhibition serves to bring together creative residents living at City Arts and will host workshops prompting interaction and inviting response to the collection of objects.
Image caption: "Tiny neon colored stuffed cat toy", Apartment 2I photographed by Kathleen McCullough, Exhibition Photographer

Brian Kain: 13 conditions of Language
Lecture takes place February 20, 6:30 p.m., Towson University Center for the Arts, 8000 York Rd., Towson
MICA CONNECTION: Brian Kain '85 (painting) 
Similar to humanity's evolution, language has adapted and shifted over centuries. Our ways of transferring dialogue through art to philosophy continue to change. Wosrds heavily influence the world around us. Towson University's Center for the Arts and the Society for History and Graphics (SHAG) are sponsoring 13 conditions of Language led by MICA alumnus Brian Kain. This lecture is free and open to the public. 

American Craft Council 2014 Baltimore Show: Conversation Corners
February 21, 11:00 a.m. and February 23, 3:00 p.m., Baltimore Convention Center, 1 W Pratt St., Baltimore
MICA CONNECTION: Sebastian Martorana '08 (Rinehart School of Sculpture)
Conversation Corners, a new addition in the Baltimore area, invites artists, curators, critics, and craftspeople to discuss topics related to the arts. These informative sessions will last between 15-20 minutes covering local resources for artists to obtain regarding trends in craft. Special guest Sebastian Martorana will talk about his innovative art work for participants. 

David S. East: Just at Bare Reserve
On view February 21 through March 30, Schulman Project, 840 W 36 St., Baltimore
MICA CONNECTION: faculty member David S. East
Opening Reception: Friday, February 21, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
MICA Chair of Ceramics David S. East opens his solo exhibition featuring a series of ceramic objects that illustrates his relationship with material relationships in architecture, design, and the domestic. This work invites the public to challenge commonly held expectations regarding the connection of ceramic materials and its cultural associations.

Afrofuturism: Artists on Three Continents Explore "Black to the Future"
On view through February 28, Goethe-Institut, 812 Seventh S. NW, Washington, DC
MICA CONNECTION: Adejoke Tugbiyele '13 (Rinehart School of Sculpture) and OluShola A. Cole '15 (Mount Royal School of Art)
Opening Reception: February 4, 6:00-8:30 p.m.
Short Films and Panel Discussion: February 3, 6:00 p.m. 
Screening of the following films: Pumzi, a Kenyan science-fiction piece by Wanuri Kahiu, Simon Rittmeier's film Drexciya, about European refugees to Africa, and AfroOdyssey IV, which looks at spirituality and sexuality in Nigeria and directed by Adejoke Tugbiyele. Panelists will include artists Adejoke Tugbiyele, performing artist OluShola A. Cole, Daniel Kojo Schrade and Naima J. Keith, Curator of the show The Shadows took Shape at The Studio Museum in Harlem. Moderated by Karen E. Milbourne, Curator, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution. The exhibition's opening reception features Tugbiyele's sculpture and film, AfroOdyssey IV: 100 Years Later, and Cole's live solo performance, alongside works by Bernard Akoi-Jackson and artists Daniel Kojo Schrade.
Image caption: AfroOdyssey IV: 100 Years later. Performers Lindsey Bauer and OluShola A. Cole. Filmed at Corpus Christi, Baltimore, MD


Black to the Future Exhibition Workshop
Workshop takes place February 1, 11:00-2:00 p.m. (RSVP is required), American University Katzen Studio Theatre, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC
MICA CONNECTION: OluShola A. Cole '15 (Mount Royal School of Art)
Goethe Institut DC and American University's Department of Music and Theater presents performing artist OluShola A. Cole and her popular Body Vocality Improv Workshops, with an Afro futuristic focus in line with the Goethe-Institut's Black to the Future exhibition.

 Matthew Adelberg: Lineage
On view through March 7, Wesley Theological Seminary, 4500 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, DC
Opening reception and artist's talks: January 28 and February 8, Noon-1:30 p.m.
MICA CONNECTION: Matthew Adelberg '15 (painting, Teaching)
The Lineage Triptych journeys through the Talmudic story of a gladiator, Resh Lakish, and Rabbi Yochanan and its relevance to Adelberg's life as it centers around the consequences and effects of the past and discusses the struggles and potential consequences of his own, personal lineage.
Image caption: paintings by Matthew Adelberg '15 (painting, Teaching)

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture
On display February 14, The National Mall, 900 Ohio Dr., Washington, DC
MICA CONNECTION: Hannah Brancato '07, '11 (fiber, Community Arts) and Rebecca Nagle '08 (fiber)
Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle will be displaying The Monument Quilt, giving churches, schools, towns and our country clean and accessible steps to support survivors of rape and abuse. The quilt tells the stories of Brancato and Nagle and works to change how Americans respond to rape. The Monument Quilt will be on display in The National Mall as part of the One Billion Rising for Justice Campaign and on display in New York City in late March. The Monument Quilt will also tour the United States in August visiting eight different cities throughout the country.


Baltimore Array: Recent Graduate of MICA
On view February 7 through February 28Carspecken Scott Gallery, 1707 North Lincoln St., Wilmington, DE 
The city of Wilmington is given a dose of Baltimore as Maryland Institute College of Art graduates present their new work at Carspecken Scott Gallery in Wilmington, Delaware. The exhibition will include work from Louis Abbene-Meagley '13 (painting), June Culp '13 (painting), Nicole Dyer '13 (drawing), Dave Eassa '13 (painting), Peter Ferguson '13 (painting), Andrew Grant Thorp '13 (painting), Ariel J. Klein '12 (painting), Xavier McNellage '12 (painting), Cory Ostermann '13 (painting) and Andy Vible '12 (general fine arts).
Image caption: Andy Vible, Blowfish, oil on canvas, 2013


Faces of Vassar: An Appreciation
On view from February 20 through March 13, James W. Palmer Gallery, 124 Raymond Ave., Poughkeepsie, NY 12604
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 20, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
MICA Connection: Bruce Bundock '74 (fine arts)

This free exhibit from MICA alumnus Bruce Bundock presents 22 acrylic paintings from Vassar College staff members ranging from carpenters, electricians, maintenance workers, and food services personnel. Bundock highlights individuals whose work is infrequently mentioned throughout the daily life of the college. Creating this project from photos of the subject face, Bundock captures employees that are essential to Vassar. He currently works as museum preparator at Vassar's Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center. 

Choco•Pie Propaganda
On view through February 28, Ethan Cohen New York, 2510 W. 19th St., New York, NY 10011
MICA CONNECTION: faculty member Mina Cheon '99 (LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting)
The exhibition is comprised of Kim Il Soon's (Mina Cheon) North Korean social realist paintings and an installation that covers the entire lower level of the gallery with "Choco•Pie," a South Korean moonpie-like confectionary manufactured by the company Orion. It has become an overnight sensation in North Korea as a smuggled snack. The Orion Corporation has sponsored this exhibition with 10,000 Choco•Pie in support of the idea that we must "Eat Choco•Pie Together" in order to take steps towards Korean reunification. Choco•Pie has become the most sought after consumer object in North Korea ever since South Koreans donated Choco•Pies to North Korean workers at the jointly managed Kaesong Industrial Complex. It has thus become a symbol of Korean cooperation.
Image caption: Choco•Pie Propaganda invitation


Pink Rabbit Installation
On view through December 2015Mercedes-Benz Superdome, 1500 Sugar Bowl Drive, New Orleans, LA 70112
MICA CONNECTION: faculty members David Friedheim '86 (Rinehart School of Sculpture) and Trisha Kyner
David Friedheim and Trisha Kyner's "Pink Rabbit sculpture" will be on view in front of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as part of Sculpture for New Orleans, a post-Katrina art project that places dozens of outdoor artworks along the city's streets. Friedheim and Kyner also have another Pink Rabbit piece on view in a one year public sculpture exhibition in Carbondale, Colorado.
Image caption: David Friedheim and Trisha Kyner, Pink Rabbit sculpture out from of Mercedes-Benz Superdome, 2013