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Design Play: An Array of Quirky Design

This book is sure to inspire any artist, or at least to make them chuckle

Posted 08.30.10 by Kody Roman '11

Design Play sample page

Design Play: An Array of Quirky Design can help one think differently about form and function of mundane objects like cups and wallpaper. Instead of a plain bib, why not have one that looks like a formal tie? Why light your place with light bulbs when you can have paper lanterns in the shape of light bulbs?

The art pieces exhibited in this book mainly play on the border between usefulness and playfulness. One product that should hit home with art students is the Calendar shirt. A calendar decal and attached marker on the shirt offers the wearer the ability to mark the days the shirt is worn.

Design Play also offers a look in to clever advertising campaigns, interior designs and instillations. Some examples are wallpaper stripes that bend around wall fixtures and a Photoshop room complete with tool bar and grey checked walls.

You can see more images from the book in the book -- or, on the Internet at the publisher's site: www.victionary.com/book/design-play_pg.html.

Design Play: An Array of Quirky Design
edited and produced by viction:workshop Ltd.
NK1510 .D4765 2009 Stacks

"The idea of 'play' smacks of trivial pleasures, bordering on uselessness... But these 'completely unnecessary things' are what designers like ATYPYK profess to enjoy making for thrilled fans -- whose testimonials include 'please send as much of your ideas to make people smile' and 'had a great laugh just viewing them' -- fulfilling ATYPYK's promise to let their users 'Never Get Bored Anymore,' 'Find Happiness,' and more."